Capricorn Rising/Sun December 2019 Horoscope

Updated: Dec 31, 2019

You might be pushed out of your usual safety net with The Sun in Sagittarius in a square with True Black Moon Lilith in Pisces on the 17th. The Sun is going to force you to open yourself up to more, and to let the real you that you have been hiding shine through. You will also become more sensitive to the emotions and needs of others. It will be beneficial to work on tapping into your more empathetic and sensitive side on this day; this will allow you to access your true self more comfortably and to process the undercurrents of others with ease.


You will have a great month from the 21st when the Sun shines its light onto your sign as this is the start of Capricorn season! Time to work on looking and feeling your best. You will be focusing mainly on yourself and your personal development with all the planets in your 1st house. It will be vital for you to make sure you have as much "you" time as you can. Clear your schedule especially for January ahead of time to ensure you have time and space to work on your development.

Jupiter will be entering Capricorn on December 2nd after spending around a year in Sagittarius. This means that Jupiter's lucky energy will be blessing your sign until December next year. You can expect to see shifts and changes in your finances, career, and social standing while Jupiter is in Capricorn. You could get lucky and go on a few trips as well! Taking on more responsibilities will be a breeze, and you will have a much more enthusiastic approach when it comes to slaving away and working hard. Making use of the enthusiasm and positivity in Jupiter to proceed with your challenging tasks will get you very far this year.

The Full Moon in Gemini on the 12th in your 6th house of health will encourage you to let go and heal any ailments that have been plaguing you. If any disease has been caused by stress, which it usually is, it will be useful to have a spa day and de-stress and refresh yourself. You will not be in the mindset to tackle high focus tasks on this day.

This New Moon and Annular Solar eclipse in Capricorn on the 26th is the best day to redefine and reinvent yourself! The refreshing New Moon energy will allow for the old to be released, and for the new to be let in. Capricorn will ensure that any intention you set on this day gets materialized. The Annular eclipse's powerful energy will cause you not to have much of a choice but to make these changes and set your intentions!

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