Cancer Sun or Rising July 2020 Horoscope

On July 1st, Saturn moves back into Capricorn, your relationship sector, for its final stay until December 17th later this year. Oh, Saturn. I know it’s been rough. We are back to lessons, discipline and being realistic when it comes to your relationships Cancer. I understand your need to nurture and take care of others but you also must understand you have to make sure you are taken care of first.

Old relationship themes that you have been visiting for the past two years are resurfacing as the lunar eclipse in the sign of Capricorn on July 5th is activating Saturn, Pluto, Jupiter retrograde energy. You are about to experience over the next six months the final chapter of this cycle. Major changes to your business and love partnerships are ahead. You may commit to someone new, or decide that a current partnership is not serving you. Either way, these changes will be beneficial to who you are and fulfill your mind, body and spirit.

To add to this, you will take an active role in your own internal healing when it comes to your career when Chiron turns retrograde in Aries from July 11th until December 15th. When Mars moves and activates Chiron on July 14th, this will be more apparent than ever. Whether it’s quitting a job or leaving a relationship that doesn’t serve you, you are not going to take it any longer during this transit. Good for you!

On July 12th, Mercury will finally move direct in your sign and you will breathe a sigh of relief. You have been extremely emotional during this retrograde period and you are over it. This time provided a portal for you to process old narratives about how people perceive you. Now that you’ve identified these blocks, it will be easier for you to remove them once Mercury moves direct.

On July 20th, there is the New Moon in Cancer at 28 degrees in opposition to Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto retrograde in Capricorn. The New Moon is occurring in your first house of self and this is a major lunar event for you. Moon cycles affect Cancer the most as it is your ruling planet. This could be the start to a new identity and path for you. This energy is also triggering more changes in terms of your relationships and partnerships.

July 22nd marks the beginning of Leo season, where the Sun is in it’s home sign and shines the brightest. The Moon will also be in the creative and warm sign of Leo in your 2nd house highlighting your earned income. You can experience an increase in your income during this season through a creative side project. Having fun with friends or even the children in your life is also in order this last part of July. Enjoy this beautiful energy!

To finish out the month, Jupiter (in it’s fall in the sign of Capricorn) will make a soft connection with Neptune retrograde in Pisces. You may be connecting with a lot of new contacts online lately, especially ones of a spiritual nature. You may receive help from an astrologist, healer or spiritual business coach to help further you on your life path. This is beautiful energy for exploring your spiritual side and becoming one with the universal source.

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