Cancer October Horoscope 2019

Updated: Dec 31, 2019

Some things are destined for us, and some things aren't. We are not in charge of our destiny and fate unfolds as it chooses. The north node, which rules over our karma, has been moving slowly but surely through Cancer, and your willpower is being tested. With the south node in Capricorn, it can be challenging for you to establish a balance between your professional and work life, and your emotional convictions.

You'd rather spend your time with your family and loved ones, building relationships, and caring for them, but you can be pressured to complete a professional duty. What the Libra transits will teach you this month, is that balance is acquired by distributing your energies equally. Too much family time and no work time could lead to imbalances regarding finances and security, and too much work time can lead to imbalances where your loved ones are neglected and feel unloved. Be mindful of how these two aspects of your life need to be in unison for everything else to operate effectively.

The Aries full moon on the 13th will aid a sense of happiness and completion when it comes to your career. A bright new idea could also come to you on how to further yourself professionally. The new moon in Scorpio on the 27th will aid you in doing some emotional cleansing. Maybe some negative emotions have been stopping you from expressing yourself creatively to your fullest ability. The cleansing energy of the new moon will support you in releasing and letting go.

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