Cancer Rising/Sun January 2020 Horoscope

Updated: Jan 4

On the 10th of January, The True Black Moon Lilith in Pisces will sextile the South Node in Capricorn. With the South Node in Capricorn, a significant amount of your fears relating to your relationships have been brought to your awareness. It will be incredibly vital to set your personal boundaries, and to reflect on what they are, as not setting boundaries will cause energy vampires to suck you dry. Lilith will send insight and awareness your way on this day, as it is placed in your 9th house that represents the higher self and higher mind, and this knowledge will relate to how you give too much, or too little of yourself in your personal relationships. It is important to remember that everything is linked to past life karma, and especially with the South Node, a lot of the energy you had to give in your relationships was because of past life karma that had to be resolved. You will be able to see things through a more depersonalized viewpoint.

Transit Jupiter in Capricorn will be opposite the North Node in Cancer and conjunct the South Node in Capricorn on January 5. This transit will have a dramatic effect on how you see yourself and your relationships. The South Node indicates our past life and the habits that we carry with us from our past life. The North Node represents the habits we need to learn and develop. With Jupiter in conjunction with the South Node, it means that you are clinging to your past ways of doing things and habits when you try to expand yourself. This probably works for you in some cases, but through doing this, you are not genuinely growing. You may feel that you are doing well, expanding yourself in the workplace, and working hard. Still, at the end of it all, you are just doing exactly what you did previously. With this aspect, observe how you go about your relationships and how you interact with people. It may be challenging, but there are going to have to be many things that will need to change in your interactions for you to truly grow.

The Full Moon in Cancer and Lunar eclipse will be on January 10. Because the Moon rules you, the eclipse has a potent effect on you, more so than any other sign. The emotions are going to be running through you like a tidal wave, so the less you have on your plate, the better. This eclipse is happening in your 1st house of identity, and there will be quite a few changes on this day regarding how you view and see yourself. Do not take on any responsibility on this day, only the necessities, as you do need to ensure ample time to reflect inward, especially if you are going to be experiencing an ocean of emotions. Reinventing yourself is possible, and doing a spiritual, mental, and physical detox will be beneficial for your system!

The New Moon in Aquarius on January 24 will allow you to think of some new innovative ideas through the assistance and influence of others. Someone might even influence you to have a bright new idea that inspires you to start a new project. You might be pushed to make changes in your peer group on this day, as the New Moon square Uranus in Taurus could cause a stir in your group of friends, or possibly your community. Maybe you are in disagreement with a friend and need to cut the ties? The 24th is the best day to address it.

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