Cancer Rising/Sun December 2019 Horoscope

Updated: Dec 31, 2019

True Black Moon Lilith has entered your 9th house on May 3rd, and then the quest for the search for your true self embarked. Inside yourself, you are not happy or satisfied with the mundane way things have been, and you are not accepting of an unconscious approach through life. There is trine between Venus in Capricorn and True Black Moon Lilith in Pisces on December 16th. Venus in Capricorn will encourage meaningful and solid connections to be made in the workplace, and Lilith in Pisces will ensure that your true needs do not get suppressed. Voice what your needs are to ensure others are aware of precisely what you need, and if faced with resistance, ensure that you push through it.


In January, you will receive many opportunities to build relationships, friendships, and business partnerships. There will be a powerful stellium in Capricorn in your 7th house of partnerships. An abundance of interactions, karmic connections, and interpersonal relationships are heading your way! Be sure that you work very hard beforehand, and get all your work done as you will need to clear your schedule to make time to socialize and connect with others in the new year.

December 29th when the Sun in Capricorn opposes the North Node in Cancer, it can feel like there is a tug of war between the side to you that wants success, money, fame, and prosperous career, and the side to you what wants a loving family and beautiful home life. While the North Node is in Cancer, it is vital to harness and encourage our inner nurturing and motherly side. You want to feel loved and cared for, and you want to know that you can care for others. The sun in Capricorn will push your “ego” to feel opposed to this and to want success and money. Finding a balance between these two sides of yourself is essential.

The Full Moon in Gemini on the 12th is going to usher you to deal with all those thoughts and memories you have been hiding in the deep, subconscious hidden corners of our mind. On this day, do not suppress any emotions, and allow yourself to feel and release everything. If you attempt to hold it in and avoid it, it could lead to an emotional breakdown. So let it go!

Your house of relationships will be affected by the Full Moon in Capricorn and the Annular Solar eclipse on the 26th. On this day, put time aside to do some inner reflection on whether a relationship is suited for you and your future. This can involve a romantic relationship, a business partnership, or even just a friendship. The annular eclipse will seriously usher you to make a step to cut ties if necessary.

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