Cancer Rising/Sun April 2020 Horoscope

The significant events impacting you this month are the Jupiter and Pluto conjunction in Capricorn on the 4th of April, and then Pluto going retrograde on the 25th of April in Capricorn. These events are happening in your 7th house of marriage and partnerships. The Jupiter-Pluto conjunction will magnify any issues you have in your relationship relating to oppression, jealousy, sexuality, and power struggles. Jupiter is a big planet, and it will magnify these issues when it travels next to Pluto, however, luckily you will be able to resolve these issues with optimism and a positive attitude thanks to the friendly and cheerful nature of Jupiter! When Pluto enters retrograde, it can feel a bit tricky to connect with others. There could be a tendency to want to change others with Pluto retrograde in the 7th house. Assess how you see yourself and how others see you. During Pluto retrograde, try to work on reshaping how others see you, and how you deal with them, and not how you see yourself.

Your 4th house of early childhood, home and family will be illuminated by the Full Moon on the 7th of April. The 4th house signifies the emotional foundations that you were given as a child and how you deal with your emotions as you mature and grow into an adult. With the Moon here, there will be a lot of reflection on your emotions, especially your past emotions. Your internal feelings can be powerful on this day, however, the sign Libra encourages balance, and this Full Moon will urge you to find a healthy way to balance your emotions. Do your emotions get the better of you sometimes? Do you find it challenging to control your emotional impulses? Reflect on why, and look for ways to process and channel your emotions healthily during the Libra Full Moon.

The New Moon in Taurus is happening in your 11th house of community and friendships. This might be a challenging new moon for you, as you will want to connect with people and be social, however with the current events happening in our world, most people aren't able to be sociable. Try and set up a group video chat, or a WhatsApp or Facebook group on this day to get your friends to reconnect and update each other with what is happening. We are mainly going to be communicating via technology for a while moving forward, so scheduling video call dates with your friends will go a long way to ensure you stay connected with everyone!

On the 23rd of April, True Black Moon Lilith in Aries will sextile Venus in Gemini, and it will also semi-sextile the Moon in Taurus for a short while! This will be a phenomenal day to intertwine your caring, nurturing, and loving nature with how you connect with others emotionally. Aries is your 10th house of career, and it could be that there is some form of oppression or unfair treatment toward certain people or even yourself at work. On the 23rd, the Moon will allow you to channel your emotions in a way where you can express your viewpoint on this matter, and the sextile with Venus will encourage justice for all. The chances are that any severe or complicated issues will be resolved through your ability to communicate forcefully and stand your ground on this day.

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