Cancer Rising or Sun June 2020 Horoscopes

On June 5, there will be a Penumbral Lunar eclipse during the Full Moon at 15 degrees in Sagittarius. Ever since you were young, you were taught that there is a specific way you need to work and serve the world to be seen as a value in society. Over the last few months, these ways of working have been proven to be outdated and no longer serve a purpose in your life. On the night of the Full Moon, you will come to realize how holding onto old values when it comes to how you work is all in vain, and you will have to adapt and adjust yourself now.

On June 7, True Black Moon Lilith will enter Aries. With Lilith moving through your 10th house of career, you can expect to experience some challenges concerning your sense of ambition in life, and where you are currently headed. You want to take responsibility. However, external conditions are now in a state where you can't. Try and shift your focus from where you are headed to where you currently are. Rather give your time and attention to your loved ones, as stressing over things you can't control now is not going to help anyone.

Mercury enters retrograde in your sign and 1st house on June 18! You can feel quite restless for progression now, and you really want things to start moving and manifesting around you. It can feel like your future plans are never going to take off, and you can become slightly impatient and pushy about it. Avoid jumping into conclusions and making rash decisions because you want to get going, as now is not the time to proceed with action, but rather to rest and prepare for when the time is ready.

June 21, there is an Annular Solar eclipse and New Moon in Cancer. This solar eclipse is happening in your 1st house, so it will have quite an effect on you! This eclipse will cause you to want to define your identity and who you are through your actions and what you involve yourself with in life. You could have plans for the future, and if you can eventually succeed in them, you will feel a great sense of personal satisfaction and personal success. On this day, it is likely you can put some of these plans into motion.

Neptune moving through Pisces will enter retrograde on June 23. This retrograde can be quite a blessing, as your intuition will be in sync with your higher mind, and you will have a sense of "knowing" what is right, what is real, and what is not. If you do some soul searching and research, you can easily find the meaning of life! (Or at least, what the meaning of life is to you). You might not be too focused on your relationships during this retrograde, but that is OK because your focus will shift to the divine and the higher consciousness, and trying to find a belief system within yourself.

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