Aries Rising/Sun November 2019 Horoscope

Updated: Dec 31, 2019

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Venus in Sagittarius will trine Chiron in Aries on the 3rd of November. You will start this month out with a nagging thirst for knowledge. Venus transiting your house of learning and education will help you absorb tremendous amounts of information from the people around you. Self-discovery through others will be possible, and you will be able to learn a lot about yourself around this day.

There might be a spiritually developed person you come across that can reveal something to you concerning the deepest wound you carry with you. The truth might hurt, but be sure to pay attention and listen to what others have to say, as they might possess insight and awareness about things that you don't. Others see us in a different light and can notice things we don't.

The Mercury retrograde in Scorpio in your 8th house of transformation until the 20th of November can also fuel a new mental perceptive. With Chiron moving through your 1st house, there might be insecurities you are facing regarding your self-expression and appearance. Maybe you have a deep yearning to discover or explore something, but insecurities of rejection keep you away. When this transit happens on November 3rd, you will be able to express what has been weighing heavy on your heart to somebody that can give you some valuable insights and perhaps even help mold your perception of yourself into a more positive one.

Your ruling planet, Mars, will enter Scorpio on the 19th of November, increasing your sexual magnetism and inner drive. You will be ruthless in your pursuit to fulfill your desires and will not back down for anything or anyone.

The Full Moon in Taurus on the 12th of November will allow the plans and projects you initiated last month to start blooming. This is the perfect day to plan your financial affairs or to make an investment or important financial decision as the energy of the Full Moon through your house of finances counts in your favor. The supportive trines between the Moon, Saturn and Pluto during the Full Moon will give you the drive and discipline needed to make your goals a reality. Your perception of your value and self-worth will change on this day, and you will have a more fresh perspective.

Finishing out the month on the 26th, there will be a New Moon in Sagittarius in your house of expansion and higher learning. The New Moon will guide you in finding the knowledge you need to acquire for you to proceed on your path toward existing through your higher self.

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