Aries Rising/Sun February 2020 Horoscope

True Black Moon Lilith will conjunct Chiron in Aries on the 2nd of February. This conjunction will happen in your 1st house of self-identity and self-expression. Chiron will open up some wounds that you have forgotten, and you will become more aware of how the energy of Lilith is affecting you. Your understanding of your sexuality can be magnified, and you will become more aware of your inner compulsions when it comes to denial and inhibiting yourself from liberating yourself and allowing yourself the freedom to be an independent person.

Venus enters your sign and 1st house on the 7th of February. With Venus here, it will be time to come out of your shell and to mingle again! You will be more cooperative with others during this transit, and less resistant when expected to help others or work with others. On the 13th of February, Venus in Aries will square the North Node in Cancer. This square will cause you to want to indulge in physical pleasures too much, and you don't give attention to your actual purpose or life path. Be aware that around this day, you are going to have a weakness for the good, pleasurable things in life and will not be very motivated or goal orientated. When the square is over, you will be more focused on your future goals again.

Your 5th house of love, creativity, and self-expression will be affected by the Full Moon in Leo on the 9th of February. This day will be the ideal day to plan a date night or go out mingle and indulge, as you will be in the mood for romance and fun! You will mirror appreciation back to others when they show appreciation toward you. You might find yourself coming to an end or the completion of a creative endeavor or project you have been pursuing, and you will be proud of what you have achieved.

Mercury will retrograde in Pisces and your 12th house from the 16th of February. This retrograde is going to cause you to have a need for peace, quiet and alone time. You might get lost in your thoughts or in your mind and will find yourself daydreaming often!

The New Moon in Pisces on the 23rd of February will happen in your 12th house. You will feel more tempted to be on your own, and spend some time by yourself and reflect, and won't be particularly in the mood for company and socializing. There can be a lot of emotions that surface this day, be sure to let them out and do not keep them caged in. Meditation will be a great tool on this day, as there will be some unconscious thoughts that will need some attention and sorting through.

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