Aries Rising/Sun December 2019 Horoscope

Updated: Dec 31, 2019

Chiron, will return direct in your sign on December 12th. The retrograde causes a significant amount of inner reflection regarding your deeper wounds and emotions that bog down your spirits. The world is changing at a rapid pace, and we are regularly exposed to new ideas, information, and trends. Where do we separate who we are, and who we are becoming through external influences affecting us? Chiron spends a long time in Aries, as discovering your true inner self in a world with so much white noise and useless information blocking out your clear thinking is almost impossible. In Aries, it encourages us to see how we are separate yet still valued.


To prepare yourself for the upcoming Capricorn stellium, it will be useful to take some time off this month. Hopefully, this is a given as it is December, and most people should get time with their family, but if you haven't planned on taking time off, make sure you take the steps needed to get it. January is going to be a booming month for you in terms of work and career, and you will require all the rest and recuperation that you can have beforehand.

December 29th, Mercury in Capricorn Squares Chiron in Aries. While Mercury is in Capricorn, we have work on our minds! Job stress, tension, and pressure can boil to the surface, especially considering the square happening with Chiron, which will push those inner struggles and wounds to the surface. My rule of thumb is never to discuss your thoughts when there is a square with Mercury, as it usually causes something not to be reiterated accurately and leads to some form of conflict.

It will be beneficial for the soul to let go of the expectations and pressure you put on yourself when you communicate. You might have an ingrained fear that what you say will be misunderstood. The Full Moon in Gemini on the 12th in your house of communication is going to encourage you to speak your mind in a carefree manner! People always tell you to think before you speak and on this day, the more openly you express yourself, the more beneficial!

The Capricorn New Moon and annular solar eclipse on the 26th could bring some exciting changes or opportunities in your career. It is time to clear a path to make way for a fresh, more productive you in the workplace. Be prepared for some changes in this area of your life, as the Annular eclipse will harbor a significant change on this day. You will have to let go of the old way of doing things in terms of your building your career path.

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