Aries Rising or Sun May 2020 Horoscope

On May 1st, True Black Moon Lilith will be very close to a conjunction with Uranus in Taurus and Mercury in Taurus. With Lilith so close to Mercury and Uranus, you could suddenly feel promoted to open up and talk about Lilith issues in your life regarding money, self-worth and abundance, especially if these topics have been a significant factor in your life. This includes any feelings of rejection, oppression or power struggles in this area of your life. There will be minimal fear inside you, and you can ruthlessly voice your stance.

This day will also be a great day to mentally dig inward and look at some of your own negative emotions that affect others in your life, such as jealousy, anger, and hate. You will have a very clear and bright point of view and will be able to see things exceptionally objectively. Feelings related to greed and lack of stability in your life could also be a focus now, as this conjunction is happening in your 2nd house of earned income and self-worth.

The Full Moon in Scorpio on May 7th will be happening in your 8th house. Get ready for some intense emotions, and you might even be a bit broody! This might not be the most pleasant Full Moon for you as this is happening in a very reflective house, and you will do quite a bit of reflecting and soul searching. Your inner world is more intense, deep, and profound, and you will find yourself reacting to situations and emotions way more severely than usual. May 7th might be a day where you have to deal with or confront something you are very uncomfortable with; however, you will feel much lighter in the end when it is resolved.

Venus enters Retrograde in Gemini on May 13th in your 3rd house of communication. With Venus being the planet ruling love and relationships, this planetary turn backwards will cause us to take a step back and attempt to assess our relationships and how we communicate and connect to another. This includes friendships, business relationships and love partnerships. During this period you may realize your hand in this connection and be prompted to shift how you communicate in partnerships after the retrograde period is over June 24th.

Saturn will enter retrograde in Aquarius on May 11th through September 12th. This retrograde is happening in your 11th house of community and the collective consciousness. You will become aware of the aspect of yourself that you deny and reject because you fear disapproval from others. There are specific ways in which you limit yourself and your self-expression for the sake of other people's comfort. Nurture the side of yourself you suppress for the purpose of others. You aren't able to be your true self if there are parts of you that you hide. Let your true light shine to those who are around you, your community and network.

Jupiter, planet of luck, growth and expansion will turn retrograde in the sign of Capricorn on May 14th with Pluto which has also been retrograde since April 25th in your 10th house of career and honors. This retrograde turn could really prompt you to reassess what it is you have been put on this earth to do. With Jupiter playing his part in this aspect it could make the energy of Pluto expand. More things could occur that finally give you the mindset needed to make a change if your career and professional life is not authentic and fulfilling to you.

May 14th, the Sun in Taurus will trine Pluto in Capricorn. This trine is a great aspect to shed some light on your earned income and your career. You may reevaluate what you do for a living and how you earn a living. Is it aligned with who you are at this moment? Is it aligned with your values? Because of events that could happen on and around this day you could make some decisions in regards to this based on those vital questions.

On May 22nd, there will be a New Moon in Gemini. Awareness of others and your external environment will strengthen more especially after being internal for so long in isolation. This won't be a very emotional New Moon for you. Luckily you will be more focused on logic and learning about new things. You will be exceptionally curious, and more inclined to socialize with friends and those around you. One thing that we have learned from quarantine is that we don’t need to always be in person to truly connect with someone else.

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