Aries Sun or Rising July 2020

July will bring you a sudden burst of fire to take action Aries! Mars, your ruling planet entered into your 1st house of identity late June, ending a short time of indecision and confusion. Well, confused no more, it’s time to cut the bullshit from your career and follow your true life path. Saturn is backing into your 10th house of career on July 1st where it will rejoin Pluto and Jupiter. This is no joke. It’s time to reflect and think about the lessons you’ve learned while Saturn was in Aquarius the past few months. There is a reason why we were all socially distant; it was so that you can look at your life and identify what’s truly serving you.

Also in your 10th house of career and honors, the last lunar eclipse in Capricorn is occurring on the Capricorn/Cancer axis. You may have noticed over the last two years, extreme shifts in this area of your life. The next 6 months after this eclipse, it is the final chapter of changes that will push you towards your true purpose.

On July 11th, Chiron, the wounded healer, will retrograde in the sign of Aries until December 15th. Active inner-healing is in order, we will start to take responsibility for our wounds. Mars will then join with Chiron retrograde on July 14th. This transit will enable us to stop looking at outside resources for answers. The answer has been with you all along.

Mercury will finally move direct on July 12th, after being in the sentimental and emotional water sign of Cancer in your emotional 4th house of home. You have reflected on old narratives, especially when it comes to limiting beliefs about who you are. This has taken place in your own home, as social distancing provided less distractions. You now could feel prompted to make certain decisions to remove these limiting beliefs that have been blocking you.

On July 20th, there is the New Moon in Cancer at 28 degrees in opposition to Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto retrograde in Capricorn. The New Moon is occurring in your 4th house of home and your emotional foundation in opposition to your career. The change you make to your home life around this time could directly affect your career. Perhaps you decide to move? Or change jobs so that you can work from home indefinitely?

July 22nd marks the beginning of Leo season, where the Sun is in it’s home sign and shines the brightest. The Moon will also be in the creative and warm sign of Leo in your 5th house making this a great time to have fun. With the Sun in its home sign, the last part of the month is the light and vibrant energy you’ve been needing for some time.

To finish out the month, Jupiter (in it’s fall in the sign of Capricorn) will make a soft connection with Neptune retrograde in Pisces. This will provide a portal to take your career visions and have them materialize in this reality. Venus direct in Gemini will also square Neptune retrograde, giving the friction we all need to be proactive and discuss our needs in order to get there.

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