Aquarius Rising/Sun December 2019 Horoscope

Updated: Dec 31, 2019

True Black Moon Lilith in Pisces will sextile Venus in Capricorn on December 16th. Awareness from your subconscious as represented by the 12th house regarding how you value money and objects more than people could come to you. There is a side to you that might sometimes place more value into money than human life. The spiritual side of yourself will edge you away from this, and on the 16th, you will be able to identify and see the actual value of the people that are in your life.


The Capricorn stellium later down the road in January will activate hidden ideas, thoughts, and revelations that you have been hiding deep in your mind. Got business proposals, or ideas on how to revolutionize the workplace or new marketing strategies? Getting yourself more organized to prepare for this will be vital, then you won't miss any of the essential information headed your way! When you have a calm mind with as least distractions as possible, you will be able to work through all the information moving through your lower mind way more easily.

December 20th, Venus in Aquarius sextiles Chiron in Aries. Chiron Transits can force us to face things that deeply bother us on an emotional level. Venus is the planet of relationships, but not just that of love. Sometimes we can feel that to love someone, you need to own them or be with them, but that is not real love. Realize that through attachment to love; you are attempting to heal or fill an inner wound. If you need to move on from a relationship, do this during this Venus and Chiron sextile. You will be able to express what is on your heart and mind and get the right message across. Say what you need to say to who you need to on this day, as the stars will be in your favor.

Your love life will be booming, and you will be significantly more creative on the 12th when there is a Full Moon in Gemini. If you have been dating, this is the ideal day to take the relationship to the next step or to end things if you have not been feeling it. If you have been working on a creative project, this will be the best day to showcase your creation to the world.

The New Moon and Annular solar eclipse on the 26th will make you want to be as helpful as you possibly can be. It is happening in your 12th house, and there could also be some secrets that get unearthed that you will have to deal with. These will be concerning secrets that other people keep from you. The 26th will be an excellent day to do some digging, as you will unearth quite a bit that you haven't been aware of.

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