Aquarius Rising or Sun June 2020 Horoscope

Venus in Gemini will square Mars in Pisces on June 2. You might want to be expressive and creative; however, it can be that your financial situation isn't allowing you to get the resources you need to be creative. There could also be other financial burdens on your plate, stopping you from getting the things making you happy, and this will really annoy you on and around this day.

On June 5, there will be a Penumbral Lunar eclipse during the Full Moon at 15 degrees in Sagittarius. As this is happening in your house of friendships, you will reflect on whether your current friends support your future goals and ambitions, or if they are just along for the ride. Many people want in on your success, but they don't support you when you need the support the most. Pay attention to this, and try and give most of your focus and energy to those that are a positive influence in your life.

June 17, True Black Moon Lilith in Aries will conjunct asteroid Chiron. As this is happening in your 3rd house, this is an excellent time to open up and speak about the things you struggled to open up about before. You can have a tendency to want to be tough and not to bother others with your pain, but on this day, you will be given an amazing opportunity to speak up about how you feel, and not to be judged for it. Take this opportunity to let others into your inner world on this day.

June 21, there is an Annular Solar eclipse and a New Moon in Cancer. A solar eclipse in your 6th house suggests that your physical vitality could be quite low, so don't overexert yourself and try to eat healthily and exercise the days leading up to the 21st. You are also more accident-prone and can easily hurt yourself if not careful. This eclipse is also a breath of fresh air. It will show you how you have entered a rut, and how you could get yourself out of it.

The 2nd Jupiter-Pluto conjunction is happening in Capricorn on June 30. You keep changing and for the better this year! This conjunction denotes another significant mental shift you will undergo, and others will see you as a much better and stronger person later. When we go through our last Jupiter-Pluto conjunction at the end of this year, you will be such a transformed person, that no one will know what hit them!

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