Adama’s May 2020 Astro Report

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This has been a pivotal time for us all and will continue to be as 2020 progresses. I hope you are safe, healthy and that your loved ones are too. This time of crises has brought much introspection, major societal shifts and causing us to dramatically change the way we look in life. I've broken down below the important astrological events and how they will effect us as a collective. If you'd like to understand what's coming for your specific sign please also view memberships here.

Venus in Gemini squares Neptune in Pisces on May 3rd. This transit can bring some confusion and lack of clarity as it comes to communication especially in relationships -- business, love and personal. This transit can feel a bit frustrating on a collective scale and potentially could have us questioning some of those we relate to currently. It is also not a good idea to make any relationship changes or new steps on or around this day. Monitoring your feelings towards the situation and making note for later is a great way to navigate this transit.

An important event as we get closer to eclipse season in June (especially for you Geminis and Sagittarius’) is the nodal axis shifting from Cancer North Node/Capricorn South Node to Gemini North Node/Sagittarius South Node. The transiting north and south node indicates future pivotal shifts and changes, as the Moon will eclipse in these signs. As we enter this new air/fire nodal dynamic the North Node will join Venus in Gemini, trine Mars in Aquarius and Neptune in Pisces. Relationships, love and how we relate to our partners can become magnified during this time. You may feel some lack of clarity in this matter or have to handle some challenges that could change your mind about the reality of the situation.

On May 7th, there will be a Full Moon in Scorpio. On this day, we may feel called to explore deep emotions, especially after being deep in isolation and quarantine - especially with this Moon making a trine to Neptune in Pisces and the Sun in trine to Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn. Feelings that we have suppressed are now irrepressible, and we can expect quite a few emotional revelations from ourselves or others if there are things we have been avoiding for the sake of peace. What really gets to us? We will be able to address it and transform that incredibly annoying feeling we get, or that horrible emotion we carry with us. Use this night to honor the depth of your emotions. Feel them deeply, as deep as you can, come to terms with what you are feeling, then let them go.

Saturn enters retrograde in Aquarius on May 11th through September 12th where he will start to make his way back into the sign of Capricorn later this summer on July 2. There have been a lot of changes in the world lately due to the COVID -19 virus, and when Saturn turns retrograde, we could start to see society playing their part to make a change and improve the current situation. Saturn will retrograde back into Capricorn, and during this time, we will see if the efforts that the collective have put in to make a change to the situation are paying off. Will we just go back to our old ways when all this is over, or have we learned something? We might fall back into our old habits again, only to eventually see the actual effect of our actions in this world again. This is going to be a very reflective period regarding the structures in society, and how we affect it.

Venus enters Retrograde in Gemini on May 13th. This Venus retrograde will cause us to take a step back and attempt to assess our relationships and our roles in relationships from a more objective point of view. Are we communicating our needs, desires, fears, and insecurities clearly and understandably to our loved ones? During this time, we will see the errors in our communication style and try and reflect on how we can get our message across more clearly. We must try and not be too forceful to get our message across, and it will be difficult, but in the end, we might devise a new communication style that works for us in our relationships.

The determined and passionate planet, Mars, enters the relaxed and dreamy sign of Pisces on May 13th. During this transit, we will have less of a tendency to use force and will in order to move forward, but will have to stay calm and retreat inward. Things will not be as clear cut and as accessible to us as usual. During this time, we will have to seek answers within to our questions. We will have to find solutions that involve a spiritual perspective, instead of finding it in the outside world. Mars in Pisces is an excellent time to learn to deal with the impatience and anger inside ourselves and learn how to address it more positively.

For the month, True Black Moon Lilith will continue to be conjunct the wounded healer, Chiron in Aries -- making a semisextile to Uranus in Taurus. This aspect will continue to highlight power struggles or past wounds that have been stunting your growth as a unique individual. Are the people, places and things that you associate yourself with aligned with your current values?

On May 14th, the Sun in Taurus will trine Pluto in Capricorn. On and around this day, we should be prepared for some intense experiences that are heading our way. Sun trine Pluto is a day meant for personal growth and developing our inner power, as the intense experiences we are going to go through will change us, whether they are good or bad. We will eventually see the positive side of these changes that are happening, although it might've seemed negative initially. We are going to go through some crazy changes this month, but it will only make us stronger in the end, ready to endure and face anything!

Jupiter enters retrograde in Capricorn on May 14th. May is a month filled up with retrogrades! Jupiter in retrograde signifies a period where growth and expansion are slowed down and limited. We could want to get things going and want to make growth happen, especially financial growth; however, with this aspect, it is best just to pause and slow down and take each day as it comes. We cannot push anything during Jupiter retrograde. This is a time where we will reflect on if we have been greedy and living in excess. In what areas of life do we expect too much to come our way? What do we indulge in too much? How is this behavior affecting our ultimate progress?

On May 20th, Gemini season starts! If it’s one thing Saturn in Aquarius has taught us is that we don’t need to be there in person always to have a true connection. This will be a time where there will be much more communication, whether it be online or in person. Gemini season is a time where we tend to approach life with a sense of logic. We will open our eyes and minds more, and we will notice and open ourselves up to new things around us that we were previously opposed to. Our inner curiosity will feel more alive again after long periods of isolation and introspection.

On May 22nd, there will be a New Moon in Gemini. This New Moon will make a trine to Saturn in Aquarius and an out of sign trine to Jupiter in Capricorn. When the New Moon that represents new beginnings happens in the sign of communication, which is Gemini, it means it is time for us to communicate and talk about our latest ideas and plans! We must try and take a different approach to our new projects this New Moon. Instead of internalizing our vision, we must externalize it and share it with the world. There will be many fascinating insights that come to us by sharing our ideas, as others will give their point of view that we would never have thought of. On this day, we are also especially more graceful and charismatic and could put any swing to our words to get things to work out in our favor!

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