Adama's June 2020 Astro Report

Updated: Jun 8

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Hello my beautiful members! This month is EXTREMELY pivotal and also very intense. At times, it can even feel like a pressure cooker. It's as if all of the symptoms of an unfit society are bubbling up to the surface and there for all to see. The current white, patriarchal and capitalist system is not working for us and it's clear. The shift is now occurring to move away from this and more towards an equal, fair and loving society that supports your unique values and skills.

Black Lives Matter is a phrase that overnight went from controversial to something that is on the tip of many's tongues in protest. I'm sure you've heard much about it and I want your monthly horoscopes to be more about you versus the outside world because after all that is what the universe is encouraging all of us to do. Focus on changing yourself and the outside world.

On June 2, Venus in Gemini will square Mars in Pisces. On this day, we can be quite irritated and easily angered, especially when the things we care about are questioned and threatened. The tension will be high this day, and there will be a lot of excess energy within us that we need to shake off healthily. Getting busy with the lover, exercise, or even some creative expression is a must to ensure we don't get incredibly frustrated! Don't make any rash decisions on this day, and try and take things as easily as you can.

On June 5, there will be a Penumbral Lunar eclipse during the Full Moon at 15 degrees in Sagittarius. This Full Moon is going to be quite the intense one, so prepare yourself! The Moon in Sagittarius and the Sun in Gemini will be in a square to Mars in Pisces - forming a tense t-square. During this Lunar eclipse, we will do some serious inner searching for how the actions we take to achieve our goals and pursuits have affected others, and the world around us. Sometimes we do things because it makes us happy, but we are so caught up by this experience that we overlook the underlying consequences of our actions. This day, these consequences will all be made very clear to us. Do we need to do EVERYTHING that makes us happy, or can we let go of some of it for a while?

The desire to escape and be free will be strong in us on June 12, when Mars will conjunct Neptune in Pisces. This conjunction happens around every plus-minus two years. We will feel tired, maybe a bit drained and exhausted, and it will be best to take it easy. We mustn't be surprised if we wake up with almost zero energy on this day, and if we do, we mustn't force ourselves to do too much. We should avoid talking too much on this day, as we will not be thinking clearly at all and can make silly decisions. We will find we feel more rested and inspired if we chill out for a while.

From June 18, backup your computer files, cancel all your trips, think twice before speaking, because Mercury will go retrograde in Cancer! Our emotions will be intertwined with our minds, and we will not be thinking clearly. Logic will go out the door as our inner emotional sentiments delude our thoughts. This Mercury retrograde is an excellent time to stay home, as it can be somewhat embarrassing if our emotions get the better of us in public! It is best to be around the people that understand us the best during this Mercury retrograde, as they are the ones that can deal with our chaotic emotions and moods the best.

June 21, there is an annular solar eclipse and a New Moon in Cancer. This solar eclipse is a time where we will initiate and discover new ways to support and love those around us. During the Penumbral eclipse on the 5th, we reflected on how our actions affect those around us. Taking this newfound awareness into consideration, we can now proceed to make the right steps to ensure we do not make the same wrong choices this time around. We will want happier, healthier lives for ourselves and our families, and we will want to ensure a stable, happy future. We will look at ways to end the pain and suffering within our home lives and our family.

Neptune enters retrograde in Pisces on June 23. This Neptune Retrograde is a tough one. During this time, all the illusions that have been kept up around us so securely will come crashing down. Reality as we know it will be shaken up, and it will change, exposing the elements to us that we were previously not aware of. Some of our dreams might get shattered, and we will realize how we have been chasing rainbows. This retrograde could be a good time to dream new dreams, but hopefully, this time around, we are more aware of the factors that can end up crushing our dreams again in the future.

We will experience our 2nd of three Jupiter-Pluto conjunctions this year yet again on June 30. The previous one was on April 4, and the last one will be November 21. It is rare for this conjunction to happen so often, which indicates a significant see-saw effect where we will keep hitting our heads. The April 4th Jupiter-Pluto conjunction instilled a substantial change in us. However, we are going to go through yet another change that is significant during this 2nd conjunction. The change we went through before was not enough to get us to where we want to be, and we will have to work harder and adapt ourselves even more.

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