Adama's January 2020 Astro Report

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The massive gas giant, Jupiter will be conjunct the South Node on January 6. The South Node is linked to our subconscious instincts to be inclined to cling to the past and our old ways of doing things and living. It represents our automatic emotional response concerning what we subconsciously know from our past life. Jupiter represents expansion. With this aspect, you must be careful not to take on too much because you feel you can handle it. You might have a feeling you can because your past self was able to, but in this life, things will be different. Your subconscious self can think, "I can do this," but in fact, taking on too much responsibility than you can currently bear will cause you to buckle under pressure. Be very mindful of what you agree to during this aspect.

The planet of innovation, Uranus, turns direct in Taurus on January 10. There might have been stagnancy relating to significant changes that need to be made in your life during the retrograde, as it does cause challenges when it comes to making substantial changes in life. With Uranus in direct motion, the necessary step that you need to make that have been lying dormant under the ice will finally rise to the surface, and you will make them. You will have the inner strength to do what is needed, and you will no longer want to avoid conflict. On January 10 and the weeks that follow, you can start to observe significant changes in the world happening, as well as in your personal life.

Saturn and Pluto will be in exact conjunction in Capricorn on January 12. The energy of this aspect has been slowly building, and lately, you would have been feeling like there is something massive that you need to do, but you can't put your finger on it. Or perhaps you know exactly what you need to do, but you are fearful and hesitant. This transit will push those of you who are on a journey toward self-employment to take the necessary steps to get your career in motion. If you need to leave a current job or obligation to do so, this conjunction will give you the strength you need to make the right steps. If you are unsure of what you have to do for your future, as well as what your professional purpose is in this life, the information will eventually come to you. Saturn will give you a very needed push toward your destiny.

Prepare yourself for a very emotional Full Moon in Cancer on January 10! Cancer is a water sign, and when the Moon is in Cancer, we become incredibly sensitive! We will want to be in our comfort zone, both emotionally and physically. Don't force yourself to be overly productive on this day; don't push your emotions. Allow yourself space and time, as pushing yourself will most likely lead to an emotional outburst. The Full Moon represents completion. On the 10th, reflect on the emotions that you have built up during this month and compare how it is different from how you feel now. Allow yourself to release what you perceive and to finally let go of it to complete the emotional cycle as represented by the Full Moon. Be truthful about how you feel and allow yourself to feel it during the Full Moon.

The start of another Lunar cycle starts with the New Moon in Aquarius on January 24. This is an incredibly refreshing New Moon, and it will encourage you to step out of the box. You will formulate new methods of solving problems that you have not thought about before, especially issues that relate to your emotional responses. It will also allow you to develop a more positive outlook and approach for how to take action during this Lunar cycle, as opposed to a negative, cynical attitude. The New Moon will also encourage you to be more inclusive during this lunar cycle, so if you have been prone to isolating yourself, you will have the energy to interconnect with others again. On this day, a new refreshing experience can also come to you that can change your perception!

The Aquarius season starts on January 20. Time for us to reconnect with what makes us original, unique, and different! We will be craving the freedom to be ourselves. New experiences and states of consciousness will be coming to us, and along with this bright new ideas and thoughts will come as well. Usually, during Aquarius season is when there are quite a few additions to technology, and you can see an influx in companies releasing new and improved technological gadgets during this time, or getting new innovative ideas for new technologies.

On a personal level, the Aquarius season makes you think and plan for the future. Many original ideas will come to you on how you can improve the direction that your future is headed in. We will also become more considerate of others, not on an emotional level, but a social justice level. We will want to ensure that everyone gets the time of day and fair treatment that they truly deserve. Your friendships will be on your mind, and this is the perfect season to spend time with peers and improve your relationships with them.

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