Adama's February 2020 Astro Report

Mercury, the planet that rules over our thoughts and communications, enters the spiritual sign of Pisces on the 3rd of February where it is in its detriment. This placement for Mercury will have an intense effect on our minds, as our thoughts tend to slow down and become less focused on physical reality but more on the spiritual. Many of us can expect bright, vivid dreams that we will easily remember the next day as the veil between your conscious and subconscious is very thin. Some of us will have an increased "6th" sense where we will be able to pick up on things around you that you usually wouldn't.

The planet of love and beauty, Venus also enters its detriment in Aries from exaltation in Pisces on the 7th of February. Venus in Aries makes us more aggressive, straightforward, and passionate in our love style. Aries represents new beginnings, so we will want a fresh start in our love life. This could mean finding someone new, or if already in a partnership, putting the past behind us and focusing on the future. Many of us will also focus on independence and will want to reshape relationships that do not allow us the ultimate freedom to be ourselves.

The Full Moon in Leo on the 9th of February will bring out warmth and inner creativity. The Moon in this position makes us more extravagant and wanting to show off our strengths and creative side! We will be happiest when we are receiving praise and recognition for our efforts and who we are on this day. Creative projects or longtime endeavors could finally come to a culmination.

The intensity caused by the exact Saturn - Pluto conjunction in Capricorn on the 12th of January is going to continue to manifest as we continue into the year. There was a lot of tension in the world last month, both individually and globally. The days adding up to, on, and after the conjunction could have caused a division in our lives. There could've been an aspect of your life you had to cut loose or cut ties with for you to pursue the right path toward your future.

The conjunction may have forced us to bring an end to inner resistance by making some drastic changes. It might not have been easy, as it can feel like a part of you has been severed, but it is necessary. Now that the energy of the conjunction is simmering, you will notice you have been in the process of saying goodbye to your old constraints. Soon it will be over, and you will have the freedom you need, to do what you need to do with the time and resources the universe has given you.

It is time for yet another Mercury retrograde on the 16th of February, and it will be in its detriment through the sign of Pisces. Pisces is known to be rather unorganized and unfocused. As you know, Mercury causes things to become shaken up and confusing as well, so Mercury retrograding through Pisces has an extreme effect on the masses, generally more than a retrograde in any other sign. This retrograde, you can expect yourself to be getting up on the wrong side of the bed more frequently, and your energy will be zapped and lessened. It will be challenging to concentrate and watch out for being late, missing deadlines and appointments, and as usual, do not communicate important things as misunderstandings will happen more often than not!

The planet that drives our action will enter the productive, business-like sign of Capricorn on the 16th of February. Mars is exalted in Capricorn, which means it is very comfortable and happy in this sign. Mars, in this position, is going to push you to work hard. The actions you will take will be practical and calculating, and they will lead to future growth. You will be very inclined to want to have control over everything and will not be keen to take any risks. For those of you that are restless and all over the place, this aspect does provide some stability during this retrograde season. If you get angry and frustrated during this transit, you will use your anger and frustration to push yourself further to succeed. You will win either way!

Up until the 18th of February, the Sun will be in Aquarius. The Sun moves over into Pisces on the 18th at 11:57 PM, just a few minutes from midnight. Pisces is the 12th and final sign in the zodiac wheel, and it represents the end of a yearly zodiac cycle. During the Aquarius season, we are more innovative and not scared to be different and original. We hold our freedom in high regard. We experiment with life and experience new things. As we enter the season of Pisces, we will become more compassionate and receptive. We will be less aware of rules and boundaries, and we will open our hearts and souls to the world. Personal freedom will become less of a focus and connecting with the world is the goal.

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You will experience a deep feeling of connection to the divine and the world during the New Moon in Pisces on the 23rd of February. This night will be the ideal night to reconnect with and balance your spiritual energy. The New Moon is a time to retreat inward and analyze your inner emotional state. During this Pisces New Moon, you will get in touch with parts of your spiritual side you never even knew existed! The night of the New Moon, there will be increased sensitivity and compassion radiating from people all around the world.

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