Adama's April 2020 Astro Report

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The planet of love, Venus, enters Gemini on the 3rd of April. With Venus here, we will be more interested in conversing with intelligent people that can get our minds thinking and keep us fascinated. People who can't keep a conversation will be boring and uninteresting, as we will be keener to exchange ideas and information with others. We will want to connect with those that interest us the most with Venus in Gemini. Keep in mind that Venus will go into shadow on April 9th before turning retrograde on May 13th. I will speak more about this period in the upcoming May horoscopes.

On the 4th of April, Jupiter and Pluto will be in a conjunction, and they will be traveling very close to each other for the rest of the month. During this transit, we search for a significant meaning to everything we do. We search for the connection we want to experience with others, and we are more willing to work with the dark, more negative sides of other people's personalities to connect with them, and also be an aid to improve their life experience. We realize how we have certain traits and elements in us that can put an end to the suffering and darkness around us, we start growing our awareness of these traits we have, and we start acting on them to create a more beautiful and pure world.

Our sky will be illuminated with a beautiful Libra Full Moon on the 7th of April. Peace, love, harmony, and balance is all we will want to experience this day, and any drama can leave out the door! Anything that causes disruptions and chaos in our life is best dealt with and eliminated on this day. On this day, we will realize the positive effect of harmony and balance on our energy field and constitution. When we are out of balance, we could suffer from migraines, fevers, brain fog, backache, sleepless nights, etc. This Full Moon is a time to reconnect with ourselves and bring everything back into harmony and balance within ourselves. The Moon will be close to asteroid Juno on this day, and this will cause us to feel a secure emotional connection and need to connect with our partners on this night.

Mercury, which rules our minds and thoughts will enter the fiery and direct sign of Aries on the 11th of April. When Mercury was moving through it’s fall in the sign of Pisces, we are more inclined to rely on feelings versus logic. We dreamed big, and we contemplated on how we can make our dreams a reality. With Mercury in Aries, we start to manifest the thoughts that make our dreams a reality. We begin to think, "What must I do to get what I want?". We start planting the seeds for our ideas to turn into something useful. Our way of communicating will be more abrupt and direct with a "Get to the point, don't beat around the bush," attitude. We will become brutally honest when expressing our opinions, and we will know what it is we want when we want it, and we will go about getting it ourselves.

Taurus season starts on the 19th of April when the Sun moves into Taurus. This is a very needed Taurus season, especially with the Coronavirus happening around us. Taurus is the sign that represents the five senses, awareness of the physical body, and the physical realm. During the Taurus season, we start to listen to what our bodies are telling us more. Maybe working 10-14 hours a day is not a good idea? Maybe eating McDonalds or fast food for lunch every day is not a good idea? Perhaps only getting 4 hours to sleep at night is affecting you negatively? This Taurus season, we will start opening our eyes and start connecting more with ourselves and the needs of our physical bodies. The same counts for our environment, do we pay enough attention to ensure the environments we are in are safe enough? This Taurus season, contemplate on these things and make your physical environment safe for yourself, as well as others.

On the 22nd of April, there will be a New Moon in Taurus. The Moon is exalted in Taurus, so this means that the Moon is very happy and comfortably placed here! At the start of this Moon cycle, our emotions will be feeling very stable, and we will feel strong inside ourselves on this day. Our emotional weaknesses can seem an ocean away! Taurus is also a sign of physical indulgence and abundance, so we don't have to feel guilty if we want to indulge in the things that give us pleasure and make us feel happy on this day! During the New Moon is a great day to set the foundations for our new goals this month. Taurus is a fixed sign, and generally, what a Taurus builds is built to last. Whatever it is we want to work toward building this month will likely be a massive success!

Pluto retrograde on the 25th of April could prove to be a challenge for us all. With Pluto in Capricorn, we have been slightly more self-centered when it comes to applying our focus and energy to our financial growth. We all need to survive, and that is why we do what we do, and sometimes we do put ourselves before others. How have we been causing pain and suffering to others through our tendency to want to build our own foundations in life? During this retrograde, we are going to become aware of how we tend to put our own needs 1st. This will be a transformative period where many of us will have to look at ourselves and make changes to ourselves as we cannot have a better future if we are continually putting ourselves first.

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