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Author: Adama Sesay

Prepare for a beautiful transformational month supercharged by Scorpio season and two powerful eclipses illuminating the zodiac axis of Taurus and Scorpio. This is the polarity of death, release, rebirth, creation, opulence, sensuality, and material resources. Mother moon is revealing where you have not honored your worth and dimmed your light through your relationships with others. 


November 8: Taurus Full Moon/Total Lunar Eclipse (6:02 AM EST)

November 16: Venus enters Sagittarius 

November 17: Mercury enters Sagittarius 

November 22: Sun enters Sagittarius

November 23: Jupiter turns direct in Pisces

November 23: Sagittarius New Moon (5:57 PM EST)


Prepare for a beautiful transformational month supercharged by Scorpio season and two powerful eclipses illuminating the zodiac axis of Taurus and Scorpio. This is the polarity of death, release, rebirth, creation, opulence, sensuality, and material resources. Mother moon is revealing where you have not honored your worth and dimmed your light through your relationships with others. 

We are clearing space in order to usher in a new, abundant creative energy, and rebirth. The journey between Scorpio and Taurus is like the mythical Phoenix who burns into ash, only to be reborn into a beautiful new creation. We are all undergoing some sort of phoenix moment this month because of the eclipse season amping up the transformative power of Scorpio season. Visit my October horoscopes to read more about the Scorpio solar eclipse on October 25. 

On November 8, there is a total lunar eclipse in the sign of Taurus. Eclipses signal tremendous changes for the signs they occur in. This one is unique because it’s total – the Sun, Moon, and Earth are in perfect alignment as the moon passes into the earth’s shadow. Not everything will manifest in one day, either! There is a six month window after the eclipse has occurred to allow the collective to adjust to the inevitable changes being presented. 

This is a special time as total lunar eclipses occur every two and a half years, and even more rarely in the sign of Taurus! The last time we had Taurus total lunar eclipses was October 27, 2004. If you are old enough, think back to events and themes for you around that time. The Moon will be exalted in Taurus, forming an exact connection with Uranus retrograde and the north node of the moon. On the opposite side of the eclipse, the Scorpio Sun will form a connection with Mercury, debilitated Venus, and the South Node of the moon. While the Moon is comfortable in Taurus, Venus in Scorpio adds a chaotic dark goddess energy to this eclipse. 

Like the fierce dark warrior goddess Kali Ma, this total lunar eclipse is destroying old structures and revealing the harsh truth of what self-limiting programming you must kill. This can manifest through dimming your light, not standing in your truth, people pleasing, lack mentality, and not valuing yourself. This entire eclipse is part of a fixed cross with Saturn in Aquarius. Translation: this eclipse season is knocking down a metaphorical house that’s been representing your life that you’ve built from then until present day. This provides you an opportunity to flip, restore, and completely level up for years to come! 

Towards the middle of the month, Venus enters optimistic and expansive Sagittarius on the 16th, with Mercury joining the next day on the 17th. The Sun will also move into Sagittarius, marking the start of the new season. Relationships and communication will take a lighter tone around this time especially as we enter into the holiday season. Travel of course can heighten, and the need to break out of feeling restricted. 

Even with this optimism ahead of us, I do want to call attention to the Mars retrograde in Gemini square to Neptune retrograde in Pisces on November 18. On top of this, Mercury doesn’t feel too hot in Sagittarius. This is a day to watch out for miscommunication, fraudulence, and misconception. 

As the month concludes, Sagittarius' ruling planet, Jupiter, turns direct and moves forward in its other comfort zone, Pisces for its final transit. This is giving us a collective burst of personal luck, spiritual growth, and breakthroughs – especially for Pisces or if you have this placement in your birth chart. Before Jupiter leaves a zodiac sign, it always will leave a final blessing in that area of life before it moves on for good into Aries on December 20. We won’t have this transit again for 12 years! 

Think back to events that occurred during the time periods of May through July 2021, and January through May of 2022. This is coming to put the finishing touches on what evolved and grew in your life. This also can be a time of wanting to escape and have fun after such an intense eclipse season – travel in the stars for some. 

The same day as this Jupiter shift, the Sagittarius New Moon will also occur on November 23. Freedom is the first word that came to my mind when I first started to analyze this new lunar cycle. The Sagittarius moon is forming an exact connection with the Sun, Mercury, and Venus. This is the initiation of new learning adventures in the area of life that is occurring for you.


If you are new to my horoscopes, here is how to read through the zodiac below. My horoscopes are most accurate for your rising sign. Let’s normalize knowing our sun AND rising signs

Finding your rising sign requires you to know your exact birth time. Try our favorite free birth chart calculator here to identify yours.  If you don’t know your birth time, you can read your sun sign. 

Your sun sign is based on just the date of your birth, and you can find yours via the table below. For example: if you are an Aries rising but are a Scorpio sun sign – read both the Aries and Scorpio rising forecasts below

I also include a one card intuitive tarot or oracle card reading for each zodiac sign. This month, I tapped into the wisdom of this beautiful new deck, Black Tarot – An Ancestral Awakening Deck and Guidebook. I was recently sent this deck by the publisher and it's absolutely stunning. I plan on including new decks from fantastic authors periodically in my monthy intuitive messages. Learn more about the author, Nyasha Williams



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Magical Affirmation: I am a creative leader. Others desire my perspective and wisdom. 

Monthly Horoscope: Aries, the total lunar eclipse in Taurus, is revealing what is keeping you from attracting what you truly desire. It’s time to get emotionally clear on your value, monetarily and in relationships. It’s illuminating your financial life, earned income, debts, and shared resources. Embrace change and charge what you’re worth. 

Towards the second half of the month, you may travel, and expand your horizons through a spiritual experience or retreat. This is due to Jupiter moving back into Pisces and into your subconscious twelfth house. Be mindful of people who try to keep you in a box based on past experiences - you’re leveling up, don’t let anyone hold you back. 

Intuitive Oracle Forecast: The Father of Wands was leading your reading. This is a card representing leadership, and the ability to teach others. There is a man pictured in front of a group, leading the conversation and sharing wisdom with authority. You are realizing it’s time for you to step into the spotlight and blaze your own creative trail.


Magical Affirmation: I am reasserting my value, worth, and stepping fully into self-empowerment. 

Monthly Horoscope: It’s time for tremendous personal growth that will be further initiated this month, Taurus. This is due to the total lunar eclipse in your zodiac sign on November 8! Events that occur over the next six months are propelling you into the next phase of your life. Major relationship changes or shifts in important business commitments will start to manifest during the eclipse cycle too. 

As you move into Sagittarius season, there is a large emphasis on learning through experience and becoming a master teacher of the death and rebirth cycle. You also can experience some breakthroughs involving debt, or money owed as the Sagittarius new moon illuminates this area of your life. Your social circle will start to open back up and expand as Jupiter moves back into Pisces for its final stay until December. Embrace personal growth through connecting with others!

Intuitive Oracle Forecast: The Mother of Coins is showing an improvement in your resources. In this card, a beekeeper is coming out of the hive with a comb chock full of honey. This is a time where you can collect your honey that you’ve diligently worked on so you can stock up. It’s time to receive that money in exchange for your creative honey! 


Magical Affirmation: As I think I create, as I speak I cast powerful spells. 

Monthly Horoscope: This month, the Taurus lunar eclipse could peak anxiety and shed light on daily habits, and work that no longer serves you. You could notice this is a subconscious switch first, before it manifests itself over the next six months. This will affect how you choose to show up in the world and in relationships. If you’re able to adjust, you can attract more aligned relationships as your 7th house will be activated with Mercury, Venus, and the Sun in Sagittarius later in the month. 

I want to note that on or around November 18, as there may be some sudden career moves or changes. Mars retrograde in Gemini, forming a transformative connection with Neptune retrograde in Pisces in your career house. Sudden professional changes or decisions could be made on or around that date. Don’t worry, what dissolves is for the best! Jupiter turning direct in Pisces on November 23 will bring excitement and expansiveness to your career and public image. Promotions, new work opportunities, and possibly exploring healing modalities for others to see. 

Intuitive Oracle Forecast: You received the Magician card this month Gemini! This represents the ability to manifest your dreams, and being a master of your reality. Scorpio is a power season for you. Travel, creating, and working on your finances can also be in the spotlight. 


Magical Affirmation: I welcome adventure, and embrace my creative truth.

Monthly Horoscope: Eclipse season is illuminating and clearing any creative blockages, or focusing your attention on inner child healing. This new cycle will complete a new project or endeavor that is extremely authentic to you. It also is activating your eleventh house of your friends, groups, and dreams – giving you a change of heart around a friend group or the future vision for your life. 

Mercury, Venus, and the Sun in Sagittarius will encourage you to explore new and exciting work ventures. You may find yourself thinking about travel or be presented with a new opportunity to travel for work. Towards the end of the month, Jupiter turns direct in Pisces will give you a thirst for knowledge. Again, a big emphasis on traveling abroad, so get ready to pack your bags my dear Cancer! 

Intuitive Oracle Forecast: The Lovers was a main focus for you this Scorpio season. This can manifest in the deepening of a fated connection, or an exciting new contract. You are working on building your future this month whether it's with a significant other or this new collaboration. 


Magical Affirmation: I am stepping into the spotlight and true expression. 

Monthly Horoscope: The Taurus lunar eclipse kicks off your month in your career and home houses. Decisions made about the direction of your career may affect your home life. Some of you Leo risings could move over the next six months, or have a hyper focus placed on matters of the home and family. This is also an emotional release, and shifting what has held you back from pursuing your true life path. 

As you create more balance in your life after eclipse season, Venus, Mercury, and the Sun will encourage you to connect back to your inner light as Leo should. It’s reminding you to never lose that creative spark, especially when it comes to your creative expression. This is what the rest of the zodiac looks to you for anyway! Jupiter will be bringing resolution to debts,  or any financial challenges you’ve experienced. You also may learn this month that true intimacy comes from compassion, empathy, and a spiritually lead connection rather than one that’s purely physical. 

Intuitive Oracle Forecast: Release the stress and worry, Leo. The Ten of Knives popped up for you, and it’s a card of worry. You may be under a lot of pressure this month, but it won’t last. On the other side of that though is celebration and connection with community. 


Magical Affirmation: I pour into my own cup first, so that I may receive what I am worth from others.

Monthly Horoscope: Eclipse season is ushering in a new mindset, communication style, and way of thinking. After this mental release, you’ll find yourself feeling more optimistic and open to new opportunities with Mercury, Venus, and the Sun transiting your fourth house and influencing you to prioritize family. Some of you could shift or rebuild certain areas around your home to make it comfortable and joyful. 

As Jupiter turns direct in Pisces towards the end of the month, you will experience another burst of growth in the relationship department. Love matters could improve for you, and change in a positive direction. Some Virgos could start exploring the idea of getting into a long term relationship if you’re single. For others, this could be a new business partnership or contract that is beneficial and expansive for you. 

Intuitive Oracle Forecast: This month is time for Justice. The Justice card came up in your reading, indicating a balancing of the scales. If you’ve been dealing with a legal matter, or conflict, you can experience a resolution in the matter in Scorpio season. Themes around equality in relationships and your worth can also pop up. Perhaps you are neglecting yourself? Release the self-limiting need to please others.


Magical Affirmation: The universe supports my financial evolution. I am a money magnet.

Monthly Horoscope: November is a time to get emotionally clear on what it is that you truly value financially. Some of you can receive breakthroughs in money owed to you in settlements, debts, or taxes. The total lunar eclipse in Taurus is also highlighting inheritances, debts, loans, and shifting your financial world. As a result some Libras could experience a transformation in how they earn a living over the next six months. 

Sagittarius season is also triggering your social life. This is a good time to connect with friends and family. Some Libra’s may start a new writing venture or marketing project that could help teach others. Towards the end of the month, expect some breakthroughs in your daily habits and work life. New work opportunities can come in, as well as growth in staff to support you. 

Intuitive Oracle Forecast: A lot of mother energy was in your oracle reading, Libra. The Moon card came up, representing emotional instincts, the mother, and family. There could be some focus on this area of your life. This is also indicating to be aware of your intuition about others and act accordingly. 



Magical Affirmation: I am transmuting self-doubt into empowerment. 

Monthly Horoscope: Eclipse season will continue to shine a light on your internal and personal transformation, Scorpio. During your season, you can feel encouraged to change your appearance, or transform yourself on a physical level. This is a six month period of rebirth for you and also relationships initiated by the Taurus total lunar eclipse on November 8. Sagittarius season on November 22 will shift your focus onto self-worth, money, and your value. Expect some positive financial breakthroughs towards the end of the month. 

The sun, Mercury, and Venus in Sagittarius will help you become more magnetic and liberated. You are stepping into a more authentic version of yourself this month, Scorpio! Jupiter in Pisces may bring expansiveness in creativity, inviting Scorpio risings to get back in touch with their inner child and their imagination. Could also contribute towards more financial abundance. Building trust and faith that you have time and space to tend to your inner child and its dreamy endeavors.

Intuitive Oracle Forecast: You received the Star card and this makes so much sense because it’s your season. This indicates a leveling up to your higher self! Expect some sudden forward movement this month, especially when it comes to your craft and what you do. Also travel is in the cards for you. 



Magical Affirmation: I welcome optimism through releasing and healing the past. 

Monthly Horoscope: The month will start off a bit challenging for you Sagittarius with the total lunar eclipse in Taurus activating your subconscious mind and well-being. Changes in how you take care of your mental and physical health can be a focus for you over this six month cycle. Scorpio season may feel like a dark time for you, and you may have a sudden boost of energy when your season starts on the 22nd.

Jupiter direct in Pisces at the end of the month can bring expansion and growth to your home and emotional life. This is also your planetary ruler in addition to Pisces, so you will feel healing, renewal, and optimism. Signing a new lease, expanding your home, or positive change for family can occur towards the end of November 

Intuitive Oracle Forecast: Opportunity is presenting itself to you this month with the Ace of Coins. This is a card representing positive breakthroughs. Your season starts this month, and it’s empowering you to surrender to sudden changes and embrace the new. The only way you can receive something better is to clear the old!



Magical Affirmation: I am calling in friendships who nurture and value me. 

Monthly Horoscope: Capricorn, you are seeing the truth when it comes to your friendships, and who you associate yourself with. The total lunar eclipse in Taurus on November 8 is highlighting old patterns of not valuing yourself. This eclipse cycle is reminding you that you must see your worth first before others will. A pivotal shift in a creative project can occur for some Capricorn’s. Pregnancy is a theme for some too. 

Later in the month, Sagittarius season will encourage you to explore and shift subconscious or inherited belief systems. This is bringing optimism and a positive change in perspective. The Sagittarius new moon on November 23 is a powerful time to heal your inner child, play, and dive into your creativity. Breakthroughs in work projects can manifest around then too. Jupiter directly in Pisces may bring you back around your family and siblings to have healing conversations. Don’t be afraid to speak your truth – there may be more empathy there than you think. Hold space for yourself and others.

Intuitive Oracle Forecast: I pulled your card the Devil. No, this does not mean you are the “devil”, this is a card in tarot representing capricorn energy. This month it’s reminding you to release old family habits, people, places, and things that have restricted who you are. It could be affecting your love and financial life. Once you release you can make space to flourish and be yourself. 



Magical Affirmation: I embrace my quirks and unique spirit!

Monthly Horoscope: It’s time for a final decision, Aquarius. The Taurus lunar eclipse is kicking off your month and triggering change around your career and home life for the next six months. You will feel the internal pressure to connect back with your heart and follow your unique life calling. It’s best to surrender to changes, and allow the universe to realign those areas of your life!

After the depths of eclipse season, the Sagittarius sun and Mercury will encourage you to be more social and tap back into your network. Humanitarian efforts can feel positive for you to do towards the end of the month. Expansive Jupiter is also making a final move through your second house of earned income and financial matters towards the end of the month. Expect a positive breakthrough or blessing to come through in the money department for you! 

Intuitive Oracle Forecast: You are stepping into your unique individuality that you’ve suppressed for a long time. The World card showed up for you, and represents your zodiac sign in the tarot. You are someone who has fought for this, worked diligently, and poured into yourself. Your patience is paying off. 



Magical Affirmation: I welcome growth, luck, and abundance from the universe. 

Monthly Horoscope: November begins in the middle of eclipse season, 

Old limiting belief systems were torn down through this Eclipse season, leaving you to explore what resonates for you on a deeper level. Authentic communication and creativity is shining through. Some Pisces could focus on a pivotal creative project, or shift how they market themselves to the world. This is manifesting good luck, and positive breakthroughs in your career towards the end of the month with Mercury, Venus, and the Sagittarius sun here

Pisces, this is the final burst of luck and growth from the universe that won’t return for another 12 years. Jupiter, your ancient planetary ruler, moves back for its final stay in your sign. With it, it is manifesting a final burst of spiritual growth, luck, and opportunity. This is the top off on a year long quest to dissolve, and empower your true identity.

Intuitive Oracle Forecast: You received the Fool card, and this is the energy of stepping into the unknown. It’s the feeling of starting a new learning journey, and being completely new. You may feel some discomfort, but that occurs when you level up towards the end of the month out of your comfort zone. The cards are also indicating new opportunities and breakthroughs through people you know, or connecting with new ones. Time to be social!

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