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monthly horoscopes Jun 06, 2022

Hello Beloved Coven,

The world is extremely chaotic and challenging right now—I first wanted to acknowledge this reality. Amid this unrest, I’m sending out all of my love and healing energy to you. We are all in this together as a tribe, and I hope that my horoscopes can be words of empowerment and encouragement during these difficult times. Although the world can seem dark, rest knowing that glimmers of light will come through this month in our own individual lives.

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Sending warmth, energy, and sunlight,


Friday June 3rd - Mercury retrograde ends in Taurus
Saturday June 4th - Saturn retrograde in Aquarius begins
Monday June 13th - Mercury enters Gemini
Tuesday June 14th - Full Moon in Sagittarius
Tuesday June 21st - Cancer Season
Wednesday June 22nd - Venus enters Gemini
Tuesday June 28th - New Moon in Cancer
Tuesday June 28th - Neptune retrograde begins in Pisces



This year’s Gemini season is a time to revisit and resolve the past. Gemini’s planetary ruler, Mercury, has been retrograde since last month, influencing the nostalgic tone of June. It’s stirring up this rewind in the sign of Taurus as the month begins. As a result, old issues will remain in focus for the first part the month. We’ll see clashing value systems and changes to social structures—this includes Roe V. Wade, gun control, climate change, and the ongoing war.

Finances and currency will also continue to experience dramatic shifts on a collective scale. This is due to three planets and the north node in Taurus as the month starts. Taurus rules over money and institutions, such as the stock market, cryptocurrency, and blockchain—all which have taken a hit. Housing prices have also increased 20% compared to last year. Thankfully, Saturn in Aquarius retrograde begins on June 4 and the post-Mercury retrograde shadow period clears mid-June. With these shifts, we should begin to stabilize and find relief. In your own individual life, June will encourage you to empower and reclaim your worth. Prioritizing yourself, asking for the money you deserve, and leaving subpar situations are themes for this month.

On June 14th, we’ll experience an illuminating full moon in Sagittarius. The Sagittarius moon will form a direct opposition with the Gemini sun, creating the bright round effect in the sky. This will spark a difficult connection with hazy Neptune in Pisces. It will challenge you to undo limiting beliefs and thought patterns that are keeping you from your true self. On June 13th, Mercury—the planet of communication—will gain strength in its home sign of Gemini. Venus, the planet of love, beauty, and relationships, will also move into the sign of Gemini on June 22nd. If you experienced delays at the start of the month, your circumstances will improve in the second half of June. This can include important contracts, communication, relationships, and travel plans.

June closes with the Cancer new moon on June 28th: an event that channels divine feminine warrior energy. Cancer is an emotionally-intuitive cardinal water sign, ruled by mother Moon. Their meeting will invoke matriarchy, motherhood, fertility, ancestry, and the home. This new moon also marks a close connection with the rebellious dark goddess, Black Moon Lilith in Cancer. What’s more, it is forming an exact square aspect with Jupiter in Aries! Together, this celestial alignment will place issues of the divine feminine into the spotlight. This includes the right to choose, the baby formula shortage, and violence against women. On an individual level, you can expect this to be a time of growth and emotional empowerment. Use this opportunity to fiercely move toward what feels right for you.

Neptune, the planet of dreams, illusion, and escape, will turn retrograde in the sign of Pisces—taking place on same day of the new moon in Cancer. When this planet moves backwards, you can experience major reality checks that prompt you to make change. Truths will be revealed, triggering important decisions and life changes. You can compare this to taking off the rose-colored glasses, and seeing the reality of a situation. It’s time to get real this summer; make your dreams a reality, and only choose what’s in alignment with your spirit.


This is a general horoscope for the collective zodiac signs—not for your specific chart. Take what resonates with you, and leave what doesn’t. Don’t forget to read your sun, moon, and rising sign below for a more holistic energetic forecast of the month ahead.
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A pro-tip: read your partners’, colleagues’, friends’, or family members' signs to get a glance into their world this month, too.

Aries Affirmation: I’m linking with my higher self and stepping into the lead.

Money concerns are in the energetic spotlight as the month begins for you, Aries. You may feel some insecurity, but don't stress—this will start to resolve toward the middle of the month. Exciting prospects like travel, international matters, or an important writing project may appear for you around the Sagittarius Full Moon on June 14th. Events around this date can be your catalyst, causing you to release limiting beliefs or subconscious patterns that held back your spiritual growth. It’s time to align with the highest version of yourself.

Delays and inconvenience will begin phasing out around this time, too—especially pertaining to important contracts or documents. This will be triggered by Mercury and Venus in communicative Gemini on June 23rd. Use this time to network and connect with others; allow people to bring you new opportunities! Launching a marketing project, new article, or creative idea is perfect towards the end of the month, too. The divine feminine can be extremely helpful, so don’t be afraid to seek help from the women in your life.

Taurus Affirmation: I’m raw, real, and authentically me.

June is a month of change and transformation for you, Taurus. As the month kicks off, your zodiac sign will be packed with visitors—including Mercury retrograde, Venus, Uranus, and the north node. Change and transformative events will trigger a major shift within your selfhood. The question you will ask yourself is: what do I value? It’s time to make important decisions and move in a direction that aligns with who you truly are.

Financial matters will come up for you towards the middle of the month, coinciding with the full moon in Sagittarius on June 14th. This will illuminate truths and shift limiting beliefs you may have around your earned income and shared resources. New developments in money can manifest for you, leading to a change in how you manage your money, investments, inheritances, or debts. It’s time to own your worth, Taurus!

Gemini Affirmation: I’m releasing what’s holding me back from pursuing my life path.

Happy Gemini season! The sun is energizing you as the month begins, encouraging you to step into your naturally social nature. Although you will want to connect with others around you, be ready! There is some shadow work around relationships that can appear during the full moon in Sagittarius on June 14th. This will reveal the truth around who you are, and what you truly want in your relationships—including love, friendship, and agreements. Decisions will be made from a heart-centered space.

Towards the end of the month, your attention will shift toward your career, money, and life path. The new moon in Cancer on June 28th is initiating change in your finances and earned income. You may encounter new opportunities to make extra money from a friend, old colleague, or someone in your social circle. That same day, Neptune retrograde in Pisces begins in your tenth house of professional status. When the planet of illusion moves backwards, new realities can emerge. With fresh eyes, you are empowered to change what no longer aligns for your career.

Cancer Affirmation: As I grow, I am shifting the fear around my power.

It’s time to shed old mindsets as the month begins, Cancer. The Gemini sun will shine a light on your subconscious mind, revealing how certain thoughts have limited your reality. Toward the middle of the month, the Sagittarius full moon on June 14th will further activate this transformation. This is because the full moon will form a harsh square with Neptune in Pisces. But that’s not all—many Crabs will also experience spiritual growth due to this planetary alignment.

The most powerful new moon of the year for you will occur on June 28th in the sign of Cancer. This will form a transformative connection with Jupiter in Aries, centered in your professional tenth house. As a result, you will experience a new beginning when it comes to your personal power, career, and life path. It’s time to grow and step into the role that you desire! The need to change your routine, work life, and limiting beliefs will also be the focus of the last part of the month.

Leo Affirmation: I only align with those who celebrate my success.

June will start off on a social note for you, Leo! The Gemini sun is shining in your eleventh house of groups, friends, and your network. You will feel driven to reconnect with your community, friends and associates from the past. It’s also important to be aware of the full moon in Sagittarius, occurring on June 14th. The full moon will form a challenging connection with the cosmic dissolver, Neptune in Pisces. Hidden information may reveal itself, triggering changes around an important creative project, investment, or friendship. It’s time to remove what has been holding back your progress.

On June 28th, the new moon in Cancer is an initiation: come into your higher self. This is who you truly are, without the societal programming and socially-acceptable masks. You are becoming the star you were meant to be! The Cancer new moon will be centered in your subconscious mind, forming an expansive connection with Jupiter in Aries. Cancer and Aries are two zodiac leaders, leveling you up and aligning you with who you were meant to be. You may also receive the opportunity to share your wisdom on a larger scale—this could involve publishing, travelling, or teaching others.

Virgo Affirmation: I welcome all new opportunities to grow and elevate.

Virgo, get ready for a big change in your career! At the beginning of the month, you may be sorting through delays, miscommunication, and challenges first. But don’t let this scare you—things will start to move forward in your life path around the Sagittarius full moon on June 14th. A new contract, opportunity, or change in this area of your life can appear and transform your career. It will be a major time for you to rise and ascend toward the person you are truly meant to be.

In the second half of June, you may also receive help from your current network or gain new followers on social media. Professional breakthroughs, financial upswings, and an elevation of your money can finally come through. This is because Mercury and Venus in Gemini will move through this area of your life at this time. Influential women can also be a big help to your professional status as we move towards July. Get ready for a positive shift!

Libra Affirmation: I release the fear around blazing my own trail.

The month begins on a serious note for you, Libra. Mercury retrograde will turn your focus towards things like shared finances, investments, debts, and mortgages. You might have to sort out some crucial details, or have difficult discussions with a partner around money or values. Don’t worry—this challenging time can lead to positive change, once the retro haze disappears. The full moon in Sagittarius on June 14th will light up your communication sector. This could trigger the launch of a long-term writing project, idea, or marketing campaign.

As the month closes, professional matters will step into the spotlight for you. The new moon in Cancer is initiating a new beginning in your career and life path. This new moon will form a connection with expansive Jupiter in Aries in your agreement sector. As a result, a positive contract or working relationship could be presented to you at this time. Will you choose yourself first, or remain stuck in fear? The end of June is about growth through pursuing what feels right for you.

Scorpio Affirmation: I’m honoring my values first so that others will, too.

Scorpions, get ready to consider your values and finances at the beginning of June. Mercury retrograde, Venus, and Uranus will be stirring things up in your seventh house of contracts, love, and partnerships. You may realize that what you value is not being reciprocated; this could spark the need to reclaim your self-worth. Values also represent your needs within a partnership, and you may feel like they aren’t being met. Money is the leading cause of breakups. With that in mind, take your time and be flexible to your partner’s needs—as well as your own. You may be faced with a decision around these themes during the Sagittarius full moon on June 14th.

Around the new moon in Cancer on June 28th, your focus can shift toward long-distance or foreign travel. You may work with people from another country, or attend a retreat to expand your mind and consciousness. Depending on your individual chart, some of you may move abroad. Writing or publishing can also be a focus for you as the month ends. This is also a time of creative clarity—Neptune retrograde in Pisces begins that same day in your expressive fifth house.

Sagittarius Affirmation: I’m releasing expectations around relationships.

Complications in the workplace can feel frustrating as the month begins. Take it one moment at a time, Sagittarius. Keep your head up—this situation will start to dissipate and improve toward the middle of the month. One important event for you is the Sagittarius full moon on June 14th. This is the most powerful lunation of the year for your zodiac sign, triggering a time of personal and relationship renewal. Moving homes or shifting limitations around love can come at this time.

Toward the end of the month, positive contracts may be on the horizon. This is due to both Mercury and Venus moving through Gemini in your seventh house. It would be a great time to sign these papers, too, thanks to Mercury direct. On June 28th, the new moon in Cancer will be initiating a new beginning in your eighth house of other people’s money. You may take on new debt, or feel the need to re-budget an investment. You may also arrive at some realizations around your home base, as Neptune turns retrograde in Pisces that same day.

Capricorn Affirmation: As I prioritize myself, my daily life improves.

Capricorn, it’s time to establish a new structure this month. You may feel like your work, routine, and personal health need to change this month. Shifting how you run your day, saying no, and prioritizing self-care can all happen around the full moon in Sagittarius on June 14th. Some of you could step into an entrepreneurial venture, and release the limiting beliefs you’ve held around it. I say—go for it!

As the month closes, relationships will move into the spotlight for you during the new moon in Cancer on June 28th. Moving in with a partner or starting an expansive new relationship that is more aligned with your needs can occur. Throughout this month, things will also start to improve in terms of your daily work life. You will start reaping the benefits of these changes from the start of June.

Aquarius Affirmation: I reconnect with those that support and accept me.

The truth will always be revealed—and this month, you are learning a lot about who you want in your circle. The Sagittarius full moon is revealing truths in the area of your network. You may reshape the nature of your friendships, or run into some tension with others on social media. Learning lessons around your value and self-worth is also coming into the forefront at this time.

A new beginning will start towards the second half of the month in the realm of your work, contracts, and communication with others. These changes will spark and increase around the new moon in Cancer on June 28th. Work will come flying in, and you will feel your daily schedule start to fill up. Remember to take things one step at a time, and practice patience to avoid tension with others.

Pisces Affirmation: My home is changing into what I want it to be.

Home is the focus for you as June begins, Pisces. Moving, changing homes, or redecorating your current sanctuary are all themes this month. This is because the Gemini sun is currently illuminating this area of your life. During this time, some of you could also experience changes within your family. This transformation will be complete during the Sagittarius full moon on June 14th. Get ready—shifts in professional life, career, and who you are personally are all on deck.

An increase in spending (potentially around children, for some Pisces) can occur as the month comes to a close. The new moon in Cancer will initiate this change in your fifth house of creativity, self-expression, and children. The Cancer new moon will also form a transformative connection with expansive Jupiter in Aries in your money sector. With this event, some Pisces could also reap the benefits of a past investment or creative project. The tendency to indulge and have fun can also come up this month.

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