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Virgo Sun: Beyoncé Knowles

empowerment Jun 15, 2021
This Virgo season, we’re looking at the chart of none other than the queen: Beyoncé was born September 4, 1981; otherwise known as BDAY. While her birth time isn’t officially public knowledge, the Astro Twins apparently have read her chart (in person!) and report that she is a Libra rising. Nothing could make more sense with Queen Bee’s grace, artistic style, and charisma.
Beyoncé KnowlesBeyoncé Knowles
While the Beyoncé’s Libra rising and Libra stellium—Mercury! Saturn! Venus! Jupiter! Pluto!—have so much to do with her chart’s significations, it is Virgo season, after all, so let’s talk about that Virgo sun first and foremost. Beyonce’s sun is at eleven degrees of Virgo in the 12th house of inner life, suffering, isolation, and mysticism. Normally speaking, folks with a 12th house sun would prefer to stay behind the scenes—while that’s obviously impossible for the intergalactically famous Beyoncé, she does her real personality pretty quiet, almost never giving interviews. Virgo as a sign is incredibly hardworking, which clearly shines through in the queen’s dedication to not only writing & performing her own songs but also innovating in her field. Lemonade and Black King are groundbreaking visual albums that completely challenge what audiences expect to see out of videos.
A lot of people don’t know this, but Virgo is one of the most spiritual, and specifically mystical, signs of the zodiac. Virgos are witches, and in the twelfth house the mystical significations are even more amplified. It’s rumored, although not confirmed, that Beyonce is a practitioner of ifá, a Yorùbá religion and system of divination. Whether Beyonce identifies as a part of this religion or not, she regularly incorporates this imagery into her work.
Specifically, Beyonce often honors and represents the orisha, Yorùbá deity, of Oshun, the patron of love, beauty, motherhood, and sensuality. Oshun’s color is yellow and she is often depicted emerging from sweet water. In “Hold Up,” Beyonce wears a bright yellow dress and, like Oshun is known to do, takes revenge on a lover who has wronged her. In Black is King, she is more explicit with her identification, saying, “I am Oshun.”
It more than makes sense that Beyonce would identify so strongly with Oshun, because Venus is the Oshun of the Greco-Roman pantheon—and Venus is the ruler of the sign of Libra. With five planets and the ascendant in the sign of the goddess, it’s no surprise at all that Beyonce identifies so strongly with this entity. Beyonce’s chart reflects that she is a vessel for divine beauty, art, and creativity to be channeled down to all the beings here on earth.
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