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Virgo Energy & The Hermit

tarot Jun 15, 2021
As we step into Virgo season, we prepare for some of the most difficult astrology of 2020. Like it hasn’t already been hard enough! Alas, the eclipses this summer were just the beginning of the real learning curves and challenges this year has in store for us. With Mars stationing retrograde come September, we’re in for a month of fighting for our rights, squaring off against the system, and learning how to channel our anger into this most just, appropriate outcomes.
Luckily, the sun in Virgo doesn’t have any unfriendly interactions with Mars or Saturn, the planets responsible for the showdown that promises to define basically the rest of the year (and possibly beyond). Full of grounding, stabilizing trines to the outer planets moving through earth signs, this season is a time when we’re invited to remember our resourcing before navigating the challenges of the fall.
The Tarot card associated with Virgo is the Hermit, which is a more-than-necessary energy to call in at this time. To some, 2020 may have felt like the ultimate Hermit year: if you’re privileged enough to be staying at home and/or working from home, and responsible enough to be limiting your in-person social interactions, you probably spent a lot more alone time this year than, possibly, ever. Maybe you were in Hermit energy. It feels important to note, though, that the kind of alone time the Hermit wants us to carve out isn’t just time when you happen to be by yourself. It’s time when you choose to engage in your own company, which is active, rather than passive. The Hermit asks us to choose solitude, which we can do even when we don’t have the option to be with other people. Solitude is intentional and constructive alone time where isolation is often unintentional and destructive alone time.
There’s probably a lot of both going on this Virgo season. Hermit energy is not to be conflated with the idea that we aren’t social creatures who have social needs. We absolutely are and do. Make sure your social cup is full if possible. Jump on that Zoom party or head over to that socially distanced softball game. But at the same time, make sure you’re spending quality time connecting with yourself. The Hermit is such a powerful card because it reminds us of the light that each of us carries inside. It reminds us of our own inner resources, wisdom, and magic.
Virgo is, understatedly, the witchiest sign of the zodiac. The magic that Mercury manifests in this sign stems from the ability to truly understand one’s own energy and connection to the natural world. The process of getting to know the self is exactly what the Hermit invites us into. This is not in the individualist sense, but also in the interconnected sense: it is recognizing the self as an extension of the earth, the living being of which we are all inextricably a part. So if you can, find some space for solitude in nature. Visit a local park or lake or beach. Let the earth restore you. We’re all in need of it.
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