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The Jupiter Return

astrology Jul 02, 2021
We’ve all heard of the Saturn return—around age 28 or 29, the planet Saturn re-enters the sign it was in when we were born, initiating us into a crash course on life’s hardest lessons. Adulting, we could say, becomes necessary with the Saturn return. This transit exists to remind us of our responsibilities: that we need to pay off our debt, or commit to better boundaries, or work really, really hard, way harder than we’d ever imagined, to turn our dreams into reality. In other words, the Saturn return is kind of a bummer—a necessary bummer, but a bummer all the same.
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But what if I told you there was a more fun, lighter counterpart to the Saturn return? It’s easy to think that growth is always hard, uncomfortable, painful, and so on, but that’s not always true. In fact, healing and growth can often be full of ease and flow, playful, and light. Growing up isn’t all doom and gloom. And the transit that exists to remind us of that is the Jupiter return.
In the skies, Jupiter is kind of like Saturn’s counterpart. Wherever Jupiter falls in our chart, we’re likely to have bountiful blessings. Jupiter brings expansion, faith, good luck, optimism and community. This planet wants to remind us of the sweetest things in life, to remind us of what we most value, and to remind us why we believe in ourselves. When in good condition—Jupiter is particularly strong in the signs Sagittarius, Pisces, and Cancer—Jupiter offers us the optimism we need to overcome even the direst obstacles. In the signs the planet has a harder time in, which are Virgo, Gemini, and Capricorn, Jupiter can tend towards having too much fun, have a hard time prioritizing what really matters, or get so caught up in the details that it forgets the vision behind the work. Still, Jupiter is known as a benefic planet, meaning that even when it’s in difficult celestial condition it does its best anyway to bring us blessings. No matter where it falls in our chart, Jupiter gifts us with the faith we need to build resilience and is an incredible ally for working towards our most precious goals.
And Jupiter returns are great times for working towards our goals, for taking leaps of faith in the direction of our wildest dreams. Jupiter has a shorter orbit than Saturn, and so Jupiter returns happen approximately every twelve years compared to Saturn’s thirty. So 12, 24, 36, 48 and so on are great ages to take bold but intentional steps towards becoming the person we want to be. At 12, we’re first realizing what makes us unique, who we are as individuals in the world. At 24, we might commit to trying to make a living from our art, no matter how difficult the hustle is at first. The lessons of a Jupiter return come in the form of having faith and patience. This transit invites us to remember why we believe in ourselves, to have gratitude for even the smallest victories, and to allow that gratitude to guide us through the more challenging moments.
In other words, Jupiter returns are growth cycles like no other. Folks with Jupiter in Capricorn will be blessed with this transit in 2020; those of us with Jupiter in Sagittarius moved through it in 2019. You can find Jupiter in your chart and track its transits to find out when your Jupiter return will be. How do you plan to work with it? What bold but intentional risks will you take? How will you invest in yourself?
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