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Pluto Direct in Capricorn

astrology Jun 15, 2021
Pluto, the outer dwarf planet that represents transformation will complete its 6-month Retrograde in Capricorn on October 4, 2020. During the retrograde period, we entombed and sheltered our shadow self. We kept it hidden very well from our loved ones and the world, and there might have been secrets that developed in our lives and desires and parts of ourselves we discovered that we might be fearful to expose. Parts of our personality have raised to our consciousness, and we became aware of a previously unknown side of ourselves.
When Pluto goes direct, we will be able to figure out how to let the buried secrets, desires and emotions get unearthed and dealt with head-on. We come to realize that we cannot keep secrets inside of us forever and that the truth has to be dealt with. Even though exposing our true selves can lead to loss and pain in our lives, it is necessary. We are not able to function in full harmony with our higher selves unless we can be open and honest with ourselves and with everyone around us. Secrets can be detrimental to our energy and our mind state and they are like black holes in our aura sucking out all of the energy.
We would have undergone a period where we have been thinking and assessing our relationships, work or personal life and considering whether this is what we are truly destined for. If there are things in our life that leave us drained and unfulfilled, from the 4th we will be able to take the action and the steps needed to put ourselves on the paths we are designed for.
Pluto teaches us about death and rebirth. It teaches us how to come to terms with losing something, someone, or a part of ourselves, and to grow into a more magnificent, powerful person. The only way we are able to be reborn and experience the necessary change is through the death of the old self, and the old experiences. If we hold on to and remain in our past, then our destined future cannot manifest.
The 4th of October will be a significant day, as Mars in Aries retrograde will now form a tense squares with Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto Direct. This will have a significant effect on us compared to when these planets were dormant in retrograde. The Mars is our instinctual drive, and Pluto urges transformation through change and elimination. When this transit happens in Capricorn, we experience very deep and rebellious emotions relating to our future, our careers, and foundations. We realize that change equals growth, and we know what we need to do to get to where we want to be. There will be intense emotions, and it will be impossible to hide our thoughts and convictions toward these things, and on this day we can be urged by our higher selves to make significant changes in our personal and professional life. Listen to your heart, it will tell you what you need to do.
The massive Saturn and Pluto conjunction in Capricorn that occurred earlier in the year on January 12th, 2020, has been an incredibly powerful influence on our karmic debt. Saturn also stationed direct on September 29th having been retrograde since May 11th and Jupiter went direct also on September 12th. Saturn is responsible for our karma and how it gets handed to us while Jupiter is expansive but in its fall position in Capricorn you must work to transform and shift it. This energy seeks to teach through restriction and limitations. This year we are undergoing many trying experiences that had to be dealt with in order for us to clear the stagnant energies of our past life.
There could've been events or experiences with people that have put you through challenging times, and it all had to happen in order for a karmic clean slate to be cleared for the present and for your future life. With Pluto stationing direct you can start manifesting more positive energies. We will slowly but surely start to feel the weight being lifted off our shoulders, and we can now proceed with our plans we have without being weighed down by our past and by our darker emotions.
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