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Pisces Energy & The Moon In Tarot

tarot Jul 02, 2021
Pisces season complete with Mercury retrograde—is upon us, ushering in a period of deep reflection, relative inaction, and mild to moderate confusion. Without a doubt, over the next month or so we’ll mis a deadline or two.
Ruled by Jupiter and Venus by exaltation, Pisces is in my opinion one of the sweetest and gentlest signs of the zodiac. Pisces season always feels easeful to me, full of grace, beauty and relaxation. This sign invites all of us into greater exploration of our creativity, spirituality, and pleasure. Pisces asks us to see the beauty in everything, both within ourselves and in the world around us. Eternally generous, the sign of the fishes inspires compassion that occasionally can lead to self-sacrifice and martyrdom. Pisces has trouble with boundaries, leading us to over-extend our emotional energy in efforts to care for all of those who need it. Indeed, more than boundaries, Pisces can have a hard time with all things practical, all things detailed, all things that require planning in advance. Particularly with Mercury retrograde—and Pisces is the sign of both Mercury’s detriment and its fall, which makes this transit extra messy—this Pisces season might have us getting so lost in philosophical ponderings that we’re late for work. Like, every day.
But the confusion and meandering quality of Pisces is exactly where the Moon comes in. The Moon is the Tarot card associated with Pisces and, of course, is a helpful card to work with to understand not only this Pisces season but this Mercury retrograde in particular. Preceded by the Star and preparing us for the Sun, the Moon is the bridge that connects finding meaning and restoration through community—the Star—with developing a clear sense of our individual path and purpose, which is the Sun. The Moon invites us to go within, seeking to understand and integrate the lessons we’ve absorbed from our community before diving into reformulating our individual identity.
For this reason, the Moon card can be extraordinarily confusing to work with. Compared with the light of the Sun, the Moon’s rays are subtle, unable to illuminate our path more than a few feet in front of us. The Moon requires us to move slowly, paying close attention to our immediate surroundings and learning the lessons they have to offer us without getting lost in dreams of our desired future. In fact, when the Moon shows up in readings, it often means we’re at a moment where we’ve lost touch with what we what for ourselves. The Moon reminds us that we’re in the middle of a void, always, and that at times it simply isn’t possible to make meaning of our circumstances. Perfect for developing a mindfulness practice, the Moon invites us to be radically present for exactly what is in this moment, to become, if not comfortable, then at least able to accept uncertainty, and to pay attention to our inner voice even if we’re not sure where it’s leading us.
What the Moon and Pisces have most in common is their connection to the intuitive realm. Both the sign and the Tarot card might initiate times where the details of our lives escape us, but we feel very in touch with our intuition, ancestors, or guides. Make the most out of Pisces season and Mercury retrograde by asking yourself to be a little less attached to the future. Focus on seeing what comes up for you during meditation, with your Tarot cards, in your dreams. What do they tell you about what you need to be creating for yourself? What do they tell you about what’s happening under the surface right now?
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