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Libra Sun: Serena Williams

empowerment Jun 15, 2021
This Libra season, let’s take a look at Serena Williams. Born a couple weeks after Beyonce in 1981, Williams is also rocking the Libra stellium look—this time, though, it falls in the sixth house, and includes her sun.
Serena Williams #SMR (sun, moon, and rising sign—let’s make SMR happen) is Libra sun, Virgo moon, and Taurus ascendant. What strikes me most about her chart is how clearly her family relationships show up in her astrology, but before we talk about other people, let’s talk about her. As I said, Williams has a 6th house Libra stellium, containing the sun, Saturn. Jupiter, Pluto and Mercury. This is an interesting setup. Normally, the sixth house is not a place where people tend to shine. It’s our routine, our rituals, our health—things that we have to attend to but don’t necessarily want to. It’s not a place where folks experience a lot of agency.
And yet, to have such a powerhouse here, including an exalted Saturn, makes this a powerful point in the chart. It’s obvious that Williams’ tremendous discipline and willingness to put in the hours to perfect her craft are what made her career possible. And, while I said that planets in the sixth house aren’t super visible, this is mitigated by the fact that Saturn is exalted. Exalted planets tend to offer attention and recognition to wherever they fall in the chart. So, Williams’ hustle is what makes her famous.
Not just her hustle, but, I would say, also her sister. The ruler of Williams’ sixth house, Venus, is in Scorpio in the seventh house. Traditionally, siblings fall in the third house, but since Venus and Serena Williams achieved their professional success together, as partners, Williams’ Venus placement (I know, this is confusing) can be one signifier of Venus, her sister.
And it’s a complicated Venus placement. In Scorpio, the planet of love and relationship doesn’t have the resources she needs to build solid connection. It’s the sign of Venus’ detriment. Still, in an angular house and directly opposed from the part of fortune, as well as being the benefic of sect, Serena Williams’ Venus placement does point us to successful professional and romantic partnerships—the former with her sister, perhaps. The complications of this Venus placement might show up as the fact that Serena was also in competition with Venus just as often as they were in partnership.
Of course, the seventh house also has to do with declared enemies, and the racism that both Williams sisters have experienced in the tennis world—from cartoons, to fellow players, to umpires—might also be a signification of this somewhat challenging seventh house placement. But the seventh house is ruled by an angular Mars in Leo—meaning Serena Williams is not one to fuck with.
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