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Leo Sun: Meghan Markle

empowerment Jun 15, 2021
People always associated Leo with royalty, and this Leo season we’d like to take a look at the chart of an unconventional member of the royal family: Meghan Markle. Due to the traditions of racism and colonialism that permeate the British royal family, Markle and her husband, Prince Harry, have decided to step back from their royal duties recently. From this distanced position, the Duchess has been able to speak out more vocally about the problematic aspects of the royal family institution, particularly in light of recent Black Lives Matter protests around the world.
So let’s talk about where this shows up in her birth chart. Not everyone born during Leo season is destined to become a literal princess, and indeed, even when they do, it’s doesn’t always work out in the way that we might imagine. Markle’s sun at twelve degrees of Leo falls into the second house, which is not one of the most powerful places in the chart. Traditionally associated with money, the second house also has to do with all other forms of resources, including the people who are resources. Allies are also associated with this house, because allyship is a relationship, ideally, in which the ally becomes a resource to support someone else. Contextualizing Markle’s sun within this framework helps us understand how her role as Duchess, traditionally, is not one in which she’s meant to shine as an individual. Instead, the position exists to act in accomplice to the greater system of the royal family. The role of allyship is not compatible with the aims of the sun in Leo, which strives to be known and admired for exactly what it is, nothing more and nothing less. What’s more, the second house’s association with money may help to explain why it felt important for Markle and her husband to become financially independent of the royal family: the sun in Leo in the second is, if anything, entrepreneurial in nature, and needs to generate its own wealth.
Still, this alone doesn’t explain Markle and her husband’s choice to leave behind many of their royal responsibilities, earn their own income, and divide time between North American and England. Indeed, much of the tension in Markle’s chart occurs between her first house Mars in Cancer and her fourth house stellium in Libra. Mars is in its fall in Cancer, and in the first house, this creates conditions for an individual who needs to learn to advocate for themselves in adverse or challenging circumstances. Squaring the moon, Saturn, and Jupiter all within two degrees of each other in the fourth house, this Mars creates tension between individual expression and family identity. Markle’s chart ruler, the moon, is maltreated by a close conjunction with Saturn in Libra. Since she was born at night, the moon is also her luminary: the planet that most closely represents her as an individual. Much of the signification of this signature has to do with carving out space for her to exist within family structures, in spite of the limitations—Saturn—that are imposed on her. By taking the step of being a nontraditional member of the royal family, Markle has honored the necessary process of carving out a personalized space for herself.
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