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Capricorn Simone de Beauvoir

empowerment Jul 02, 2021
To celebrate Capricorn season, we wanted to honor the revolutionary Capricornian feminist, Simone de Beauvoir. Starting this month, we’ll be publishing a written chart analysis of one feminist per month, to celebrate their work and better understand astrology through reading the maps of our personal icons.
Simone de Beauvoir was born in Paris on January 9, 1908 at 4:30 a.m. Her rising sign is Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter in Leo. In Capricorn, she has the sun, Mercury, South Node and Uranus all in a tight conjunction in the second house. And her moon is sitting with Mars and Saturn in Pisces in the fourth house.
The sun in Capricorn in the second house of earned income and self-worth speaks to De Beauvoir’s endless commitment to her work—and, as we explored in an article about the Devil card, Capricorn energy can often manifest as dedication to liberation. Attuned to the limitations placed on femmes by the material world—objectification and being understood only in relation to men—De Beauvoir chose to dedicate her life’s work to freeing femmes (in fairness, her work focuses primarily on cis white women) from these constraints.
The close conjunction to her sun to Mercury and Uranus gifts De Beauvoir with the ability to channel radical ideas into words. These three planets all sit in opposition to Neptune and True Black Moon Lilith in Cancer. While oppositions are often viewed as challenging aspects to work with, I tend to think of them more as aspects that force people to strike a balance between the energies of the planets involved. In De Beauvoir’s case, for instance, she has to incorporate Neptune, idealism and abstract thinking and Lilith, radical feminism—with Mercury, which is writing and communication. This aspect challenges her to find clear, concise ways to make abstract philosophical concepts accessible to wider audiences specifically in the interest of feminine topics.
What’s more, at fourteen degrees of Mercury, De Beauvoir’s natal Mercury is sitting on top of the fixed star, Vega. The principal star in the constellation Lyra—which represents the lyre, a classical Greek musical instrument—Vega offers its natives the creativity to express themselves in ways that are beautiful, lyrical. Indeed, De Beauvoir’s amazing writing ability was what allowed her ideas, beyond radical for her time, to be celebrated by a mainstream audience.
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De Beauvoir’s chart ruler, Jupiter, is in Leo in the ninth house. I tend to view any planets in Leo as especially strong. Because Leo is ruled by the sun, the planet that represents the soul, it is as if any planets in Leo are integral to the soul’s purpose. Jupiter in the ninth house of beliefs, values, spirituality, and higher studies speaks to an abundance of wisdom. Because this is happening in Leo, associated with the soul and the ego, Jupiter as the ascendant ruler gives De Beauvoir the capacity to apply philosophical ideologies and teachings to the study of the self and identity—in her case, the study of her identity as a woman.
Jupiter makes an opposition to Venus and Chiron in Aquarius, which are conjunct in the third house. Known as the house of goddess, the third house is connected with the sacred feminine in important ways, and having Venus here strengthens the importance of issues concerning femininity in De Beauvoir’s life. What’s more, Chiron represents the wounded healer, and, conjunct Venus, sensitizes De Beauvoir to the ways in which patriarchal values wound her personally, and wound femmes in general. The third house also has to do with communication, and this is further evidence of De Beauvoir’s commitment to writing and speaking about these subjects. Finally, Venus and Jupiter’s opposition—a little easier to deal with than most oppositions, as both planets are benefics—helps De Beauvoir to use philosophy and higher studies to understand the wounds of femininity under patriarchy, and to find the worlds to heal them.
Simone de Beauvoir’s map, more than anything, shows a commitment to challenging ideologies that keep us all from being free. Indeed, more than liberating women, De Beauvoir wished to dedicate her life’s work to the liberation of all beings. In true, rising Sagittarius spirit, she is famous for saying, “I wish that every human life might be pure transparent freedom.”
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