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Black Moon Lilith Through the 12 Signs & Houses

astrology Jun 15, 2021
Black Moon Lilith is a point on your astrological chart where your divine feminine power lies, but it tends to be shrouded in shadow when left unchecked. Understanding this placement in your birth chart can show you where you give away your power or feel suppressed. Once you uncover with shadow work, it can be a place of empowerment and healing; this is truly working with dark feminine energy to manifest.
The goddess Lilith represents female empowerment, freedom, equality, sexual magnetism, and intuition. Her story is that of feeling overlooked, suppressed, and controlled by the masculine patriarchy - the key to her power is embracing her freedom. It's important for anyone, especially people who identify as female or femme, to understand this transformative energy and how to harness it to create positive change in your life.


Founder & Astrologer

Sun Sign: Scorpio

Adama is the founder of Lilith Astrology, leads the creative direction, and also contributes the Astrological content on-site.

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