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Aquarius Energy & The Star in Tarot

empowerment Jul 02, 2021
As we move into Aquarius season, the Tarot invites us to work with the energy of the Star, the Major Arcana card ruled by the sign of the water bearer. Number seventeen of the Major Arcana, the Star comes right after the Tower card. To dive into the meaning of the Star, then, it can be helpful to explore it as a natural remedy to the challenges the Tower poses to us.
The Tower card invites us into transformation. In the Rider-Waite Tarot deck, the Tower card features a castle-like building being struck by lightning. Two people wearing crowns fall from the castle, and a rainstorm looms overhead as the Tower catches fire. Indeed, when we pull the Tower card, we are being asked to enter a transformative fire. The Tower card may be difficult to work through, as it burns to the ground anything and everything our ego wants us to cling to in order to feel safe, successful, or secure.
The Tower card shows up to help us say yes to our soul’s calling by saying no to what gets in our way—simple in theory, but uncomfortable to live through. Essentially, the Tower card destroys the trappings of our ego. This transformative process occurs in cycles, over the course of an entire lifetime. But after each Tower card experience of ego death, the Star card shows up to nourish us into rebirth. Unencumbered by the ego’s need to protect our identity or individuality, the Star introduces us to a deep sense of interconnectedness.
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When we’re moving through the Star card, we’re not concerned about who we are, who we will become, or what our work says about us. Instead, we’re concerned with how we and our work are in service to the collective. The Star often places us in situations where we feel like the last piece in a puzzle, or the missing link in a chain. We are so plugged into the community that surrounds us that we feel that we are giving and receiving in equal part from those that surround us. We get exactly what we need from the community, and what we have to offer is exactly what our community needs. In this process, we learn the true value of interconnectedness, and begin to prioritize the collective over the individual.
And this is where Aquarius comes in. Home to Saturn and Uranus, the sign of Aquarius is actually a little tricky for the sun to be in. The sun is our soul’s purpose, how we uniquely want to shine during our time on Earth. But Aquarius, like the Star, is concerned with the collective. During Aquarius season, we often want to give our light over to who or whatever we feel needs it more than we do. While generosity is a valuable lesson Aquarius teaches us, so are boundaries. When we’re working productively with Aquarius and Star energy, we’re tending to our community and having the grace to let our community tend to us. While, of course, remembering our own needs for personal time and space. So be with your people this season. Care for them and let them care for you.
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