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The Virgo Complex

empowerment Jun 16, 2021
How is it that we’ve allowed ourselves to become more unsatisfied in a world filled with more
options and conveniences than ever before? Freedom isn’t as freeing as we've come to know it as and it’s because of this that we see real life being traded in for a virtual reality on a daily basis.
Despite the multitude of distractions, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to ignore the compromised state that our world is currently in. Yet, no matter how “woke" the populace becomes, misinformation continues to be the number one threat to our ascension process as we navigate through the information age. Discernment is a skill that is under developed during a time of over developed facades.
Our societal norms have become so distorted that no one really knows what normal even means anymore. Dysfunction and toxicity pervade every aspect of our health from physical to spiritual. Astrologically speaking, we are in a time of purging and deep transformation as the Millennials make up most of the generation of people born during Pluto’s transit through the sign of Scorpio.
As we fight for control over our lives, our survival depends on a major metamorphosis. Death to superficiality is upon us as we transform into more authentic versions of ourselves. We are the catalysts for life changing collective healing and that leads me to the heart of this message. They say that time heals all wounds and though that may be true for some, chronic pain is a concept that quickly diminishes this hope.
There is a whole generation of people tasked with understanding the value of self care and pain management in a world that's drowning in over diagnosis and self medication. They were all born during the transiting of a comet called Chiron through the constellation of Virgo. This transit took place in the sky between September 1993 until the year 1995.
To understand this commonality we would first have to understand Chiron’s story. Born out of rape, a young Chiron was left orphaned by his parents. He was adopted by the famous Greek god, Apollo, known for his mastery in the arts of music and medicine. Under this influence, Chiron became a prodigy in his own right becoming renowned for his miraculous healing abilities. Tragedy would strike his life again as his fate would prove fatal despite his immortality. Caught in a crossfire, he would become unintentionally injured by an arrow designed to curse its victim with everlasting pain via a supernatural toxin.
Chiron would ultimately suffer most from the greater pain of not being able to fulfill his perceived life purpose as a master healer. The only way he was able to transcend the trauma he so desperately wished to escape was by willingly sacrificing his immortality. He had to trust that his legacy of healing and wisdom would live eternally after being passed on by his students and successors while he’d be taking his place amongst the stars.
His story shows us the limiting force that is our own perspective. It wasn’t until Chiron was able to willingly accept his destiny that he became confident enough to overcome his deeper internal conflict. He came to the understanding that though he was born immortal and without intention, his life had greater meaning and death was simply a means for his own self actualization.
When you uncover the wisdom of your Chiron placement in your birth chart, you end up learning about your own path for healing and self acceptance by getting to the root of your deepest spiritual wounding. The moral of his story will play out in whatever area of your life that corresponds to the astrological house he’s placed in according to your chart.
The generations of people born during the transit of Chiron through Virgo will find that they all fight a common battle against a distorted sense of self-worth related to their ability to practice self-care. These folks are marked for either their need for extreme self-sufficiency to the point of deprivation or their extreme reliance on external validation to the point of paranoia with most falling somewhere in the middle. Misinformation and unresolved trauma can wreak havoc on the health of the body, mind, and spirit.
Early childhood conditioning has a lot to do with our capacity to function as healthy adults. As an entire sub group within the Millennial generation, we need to acknowledge the astrological significance this group has in respect to the evolution of humanity as a whole. This role has everything to do with promoting the “glass half full” mindset. The Virgo complex makes it painfully clear just how bad things are and how worse it can become without proper intervention. This fixed mindset can single handedly prevent a whole generation of people from seeking alternative solutions to what seem like eternal issues.
Unconditional love is needed in order to find the patience required to intervene effectively in this fast paced life. These people will learn proper self care by first learning how to love all things unconditionally. When we learn to accept our current reality as the result of a group effort and as part of our shared destiny we learn how to stop blaming ourselves for the parts of our human experience that we can’t control. We learn that by striving to be honest with ourselves we stop feeling so compelled to be dishonest with others and so overcritical of everything. When you live your life in service to what truly fulfills you, that’s when you find real life purpose. We can’t see what truly fulfills us though when we’re too busy focusing on what defeats us.
Being a healer brought Chiron a sense of a much needed identity, but accepting the death of this identity helped him learn his true purpose which might have been simply to heal himself in the end. We are transitioning into a world where it is becoming harder to hide your truest self and truest intentions and we can see a lot of people are struggling to accept themselves and their origins making it harder to find their true destinations. Collectively we are leading the blind towards true sight. There is nothing wrong with us other than our need to point out what’s wrong or right in everything else. What matters most is how we right our own wrongs. If tomorrow everyone decided to love themselves unconditionally, the world would turn into a much healthier place seemingly overnight regardless of environmental or socio-political factors.
Our pursuit of happiness shouldn’t be defined by current external conditioning nor by any preconceived notions of who we are and what we deserve. True healing and happiness begins from the innermost parts of ourselves where we find the innocence of our inner child and we honor it regardless of any exposure to the impurities of life. Our imperfections are just as much a part of the divine design of our destinies. Let's use the next decade to build a world that will foster the next wave of these people as we'll be relying on them for our own self care standards as we enter our old age.
Daniela contributes astrologically inspired creative writing to promote self healing and self mastery
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